Bath & Body Works Haul

I couldn’t pass up on the Bath & Body Works sale.  Each one was $5 so I decided to stock up on my favorite scent!  Happy Friday all!


My Clothes Shopping Ban Broken

So I couldn’t keep a year long ban on clothes shopping.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to try and not spend money on clothes until beginning of next year, but unfortunately, I didn’t make it.  I did however make it to June, which was my initial goal to begin with, and my downfall was a denim jacket.  I just couldn’t resist a sale on one because they are so classic and will get lots of use that cost per wear will be worth it to break a shopping ban.  I don’t intend to go crazy and start buying a whole summer wardrobe.  I still have a perfectly curated closet that I’m happy with, and if I’m going to be shopping for anything, it’ll probably be hats, costume jewelry, shoes, and lounge wear.

I find that as I grow a year wiser, I’m going back to basics.  I’m no longer looking to buy the latest trends because I find they go out of style fairly quickly thanks to fast fashion, and I realize it’s a money drain.  With classic and basic wardrobe staples, I can get so much more wear from them that I don’t have to shop so often and can divert my money to other things like skincare or beauty products.  I also find that accessories help elevate a basic outfit.  Throw on a necklace, a bracelet, and some earrings and an outfit has been transformed.  Nowadays I like using accessories and makeup to spruce up my look instead of buying trendy clothing pieces that scream, “Hey look at me!”  In the past that was my thing to buy statement outfits, but as my personality is changing with age, I’m becoming more subdued.  Not sure where this change is from, but regardless, my style and taste have evolved to basic.

Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Eye Shadow Palette

I guess it’s been awhile since my last post.  Life sort of happened and I just got too swamped with work to even give blogging a fighting chance.  But at least I have some new makeup to share!  Honey was offering an extra 500 bonus points for shopping on Sephora so I went ahead and picked this little guy up.  These colors are so great for summer that I’m so excited to try them all out!  For those interested in the sizing of this palette.  It’s pretty small.  Basically the size of a powder compact, which would make it great for traveling.  Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Still On Track With Savings Goal

So sometime at the beginning of the year I had planned to save $400 a month plus some extra if I had any surplus to do so.  I did have minor hiccups here and there from buying skincare, to makeup, and then bags.  However, I’m still on track with my initial 2018 goal.  The month of May was definitely a laid back month where I didn’t spend too much on stuff. It also helped that my husband was paying for half of our food and that it wasn’t all me shelling out for everything like what happened in April.  But that’s okay we had a talk and all is normal again, which is why I’ve been able to get back and stay on track with my goal of saving $400 a month.  I can definitely save more, and will try harder in the next coming months, but for the time being I’m happy that I’m still meeting my initial goal.

The Orthodontist with $1 million in Student Loans

Let’s switch gears and talk about money for a bit.  Has anyone else heard about the orthodontist with $1 million in student loan debt?  You can read the Newser article here  or the Market Watch article here.  This just makes me sick a little.  This person makes $225,000 a year and yet only pays $1,500 to his student loan, which doesn’t even cover interest.  At the rate he is going, his loan will balloon to over $2 million, which I think he intends to get forgiven after 20 years of paying it.

Wow, talk about irresponsibility.  Many of us have been accountable to our debts and to our student loans.  It’s unfair for someone to rack up that much student loans and not be held accountable for paying it off.  I mean sure, I could’ve studied abroad to get that college ‘experience’ but I chose not to because I couldn’t afford it.  I also chose not to go back to grad school because I learned from my undergrad how hard paying off $20,000 can be especially on an entry level salary.  I’ve had to make sacrifices to pay off my debts like many others before me.  Of course my debt wasn’t $1 million dollars, but this man makes $225,000 a year which he could very well pay off if he and his wife live within their means like most people do.  He chose to go to an expensive private school and at least he is making well over what many of us makes.  This man needs to own up to his mistakes and take responsibility for his actions.

Ways he can pay more back by cutting back:

  1. Don’t drive a used Tesla.  Get a cheaper car.
  2. Limit eating out.
  3. Down-size your living space.  Rent a one bedroom.
  4. Pack your lunch.
  5. Cut cable.
  6. Do staycations.

What I Bought This Weekend

Surprisingly I didn’t shop as much as I’d thought with all the sales happening this past weekend.  As an online shopper, I only picked up 3 things.

kate spade wallet – I just had to take advantage of their 30% off on existing sales so I bought a new wallet costing $40.

Barneys New York pouch – This pouch was an unexpected purchase, but I had to take advantage of the 1,500 points Honey was offering.  Currently, I have 10,400 points which is equivalent to $100 back in a gift card of choice.  I’m planning to save all my points for the end of the year and hopefully get a Nordstrom gift card to go towards a designer handbag.  Maybe.  I’m still thinking about it unless something else pops up.

But anyway, I’m really into pouches these days as an alternate to a handbag.  I have a black one from Madewell, which I like and so I’m glad I saw a nude pouch at Barneys as an alternate for the summer.  The size is a lot bigger and I kind of like that so I could fit my sunglasses in them.

marc jacobs backpack – Since the backpack with cool zippers was sold out, I bought a different backpack at a similar sale price from Nordstrom.

Has anyone else taken advantage of the sales this past weekend?



May Favorites 2018

  1. Bath & Body Works aromatherapy body cream in scent vanilla and pathouli.  Love love love the smell of this lotion.
  2. Too Faced Natural Face palette – I initially did not like this palette because I didn’t know how to use it, and after a few experiments here and there, I use this everyday now.
  3. e.l.f. Mad for Matte 2 – on days when I want more pink or corral over my eyelids, I use this palette and only reach for two colors.  First I apply the light pink color as my base followed by the darker corral color at the outer corner of my lids for a subtle look.
  4. Pixi by Petra – these shades go on sheer for me, which I like so I use this palette for my everyday work look.
  5. Mac Amber Times Nine – currently I only reach for the sparkly gold color in the middle of the palette and the sparkly pink color at the bottom corner.
  6. Innisfree No Sebum powder – I just love this powder.  For under $10, this product is awesome for controlling shine and setting my foundation in place.  I find that I reach for this more than my clinique sheer powder compact.