Another Empties Post – Skincare

As you can see I’m no where near empty on my moisturizers, cleansers, and serums.  I still have a while until I finish any of my moisturizers since I bought so many and I practically rotate them in my routine.  Since it’s summer time, I rarely feel the need to slather a bunch of moisturizer on my face because I feel like I sweat it off anyway.  I’ve really only been using Innisfree’s Green Tea serum both at night and during the day coupled with sunscreen that I feel like it’s okay going minimal.  Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy, which has been recently, I just spray on face mist at night before bed.  But again, the heat.  I feel like I’m constantly sweating and thus my skin feeling dewy most times.  On occasion because of laziness I’ll see a dry patch near my mouth, but nothing a little moisturizer can’t fix.

Anyway, above are just some of the products I’ve finished and will consistently buy in the near future.  I already picked up Mizon’s snail eye cream, Garnier’s micellar water, and more Cosrx toner pads.  I still need to go into the Japanese store and pick up more conditioner by Tsubaki because I just love the product.  It works well for me and it also smell great.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Anyone else want to shop the Anniversary sale or have already shopped it?  I don’t have a Nordstrom credit card to get early access to their sale, but today is the official day it opens to the public.  I quickly took a look and there are some cute things I want to buy but don’t really need.  Like I saw Tory Burch flats on sale for $164 versus retail price at $248.  Then there’s Nike and Adidas on sale with majority of the shoes sizes already gone.  It was tempting to pick up some Nike gear though, but the good angel on my shoulder told me no.

Too Faced – Just Peachy Palette

I know I’m late in the game with this palette, but wanted to share my new eye shadow palette from Too Faced.  The Just Peachy palette has the right type of light pinks and corral color that fits my face well.  I love how buttery soft it goes on, and am now officially a fan of this brand!

I know I have so many pinks and corral colored eyeshadow shades already especially with the Huda Beauty palette, but I couldn’t pass this up with Sephora having it on sale for $22 last week.  Major steal because it’s back up to retail price for $45 today!

Mid-year Life Update

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Wow already the start of July with half the year behind us.  June wasn’t really an inspiring month for blogging after constantly coming home exhausted from work.  I’d come home, eat dinner, and just veg out in front of the TV to unwind.  Also, I’ve been trying to focus on studying for my license, and blogging just took too much bandwidth out of me.

Anyway, here I am happy to report that all is well over here in this small space of the internet.  I’m excited to have two trips lined up for the end of the year.  We’re planning a short trip to Vancouver and also one to Disneyland!  I’m so excited because I at least have something to look forward to.  Not that I dread my working life, but you know, it’s a dangling carrot to get me through the year!

Other than that, summer is finally starting to feel like summer over here.  The days are warmer with a light cool breeze making for great California weather we all love.


10 Reasons to Get Out of Debt

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  1. To increase your 401k contributions and to possibly max it out.
  2. To start investing.
  3. To not be tied down to your current job.
  4. To be able to pursue your passions and focus on other things other then debt.
  5. One less thing to stress about.
  6. To start saving for an emergency fund.
  7. To buy yourself what you want without getting judged for your decisions.
  8. To achieve financial independence and possibly retire early (FIRE).
  9. To go on vacation, save for it, and not stress about how much you’ve just spent.
  10. To give freely and not feel bitter about doing it.