ThredUp to Clear Out Your Closet

So I’ve known about ThredUp for several years, but never really tried selling with them until early last year.  At the time, they were charging $9.99 to process each bag of clothes to sell.  Thankfully they’ve eliminated this fee because it didn’t make it worth it to sell with them.  If you are looking for convenience and in no rush to make money from them (because they take a really long time processing your bag and paying you out), then selling on ThredUp is the way to go.  It is super convenient and very hassle-free in my opinion.  I’ve already done three bags with them, which totaled $86.90, but for two of the bags I was charged $9.99 each for processing.  So really my total payout was $66.92.  I guess it’s not bad if you’re wanting to clear out your closet.  However, I wouldn’t try to use them as a way to earn a living.  I know other people thrift at Goodwill or Salvation Army and then re-sell their items on Ebay for a much bigger profit margin.  In going this route, you’d need to put in a little extra time to find possible items to sell and then having to package them up to take to the post office.  Whatever is your method of choice, there are alternatives out there for selling old clothes.

I do want to mention that ThredUp is very picky in what they pay for.  Don’t even think about sending pilled sweaters or used looking items because such items will not be excepted.  If you think about it this is very good to know because what they sell are pretty much new or barely worn items.


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