How I Gift These Days

I used to dread receiving an invitation to a birthday party, baby shower, or even a wedding invitation (only from acquaintances).  I just didn’t have “presents” as a line item in my budget.  These days, however, I’ve been liberally generous with my gift giving compared to how I gave back then.

For birthdays, I recently gave each my niece and younger sister a Kate Spade bag because I love that brand so much.  I think I used to limit their present amount to $30, but now I’m so happy I get to share what I love with them almost like Oprah.  For friends around my age, I love treating them out to dinner since people my age have everything, and because I prefer gifting experiences over stuff.  We get to bond, make memories, and reinforce friendships.  Totally different for kids though.  I love spoiling kids rotten with materialistic nonsense as a way to spoil my own inner child (never got much toys as a kid).

On a different note, tomorrow is going to be hump day.  I’m already ready for the weekend.


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