Blogs that Inspired Me to Debt Freedom

When I was knee deep in debt, I read countless personal finance sites and ‘get out of debt’ blogs in search of inspiration to help me towards debt freedom.  My favorites are:

  1. Six Figures Under.  A mother documents her family’s journey in getting out of $130,000 in student loan debt.  They were living in her in-law’s basement before buying a home after paying off their debt.
  2. Frugalwoods.  Although this couple was not in debt when I started reading their blog, their frugal lifestyle was inspiring to read about.  They were able to purchase their homestead out in Vermont, and currently living their dream life.
  3. Financial Samurai.  Sam shares a great deal of his own knowledge on personal finance.  He started out as frugal and a super saver who eventually retired from investment banking to become a fulltime blogger.
  4. And Then We Saved.  Anna, the main blogger, got me into cutting my own hair because she was doing it to save money.  Her site also inspired me to stop making unnecessary purchases, which I still do today even though I’m debt free.
  5. Dailyworth.  Dailyworth is a personal finance site targeted towards women.  They put out a good amount of content for daily inspiration.  I still look at this site from time to time.
  6. Learnvest.  Similar to Dailyworth, Learnvest also puts out a good amount of content for daily inspiration.

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