Why Is There No Edit or Cancel Button?

Retail and retail websites have it right.  They have a return policy that makes it easy to correct a mistake if needed.  Two weeks ago I over ordered on skincare products through Amazon and was able to cancel some since they weren’t processed.  It was very easy to cancel and all I had to do was hit the ‘Cancel’ button.  This is also another reason why Amazon is probably dominating the market right now and why Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world.  People shop on Amazon because it’s secure, there’s Prime, and because there’s room to make some mistakes.  Costco is another example of a company with a great return policy.  Despite limited store hours, they remain popular and often times busy on the weekends and after work hours on the weekdays.  If more companies put a little more effort into their return or cancellation policies, then there would be more happy customers in life.  I mean I swear we all make mistakes right?

Then you have the airline industry or third party vendors like Expedia who have horrible cancellation policies.  It’s funny because in retail there’s opportunity for returns on a product that probably won’t break the bank.  However, cancelling an airplane ticket means forfeiting your money or having to pay a ridiculous cancellation fee just to change flights.  This to me is just highway robbery.  Customers are left with nothing.

Recently I decided to pull some money out of our brokerage account to put back in the bank.  Well I sort of had a change of heart, but it was too late to make a change.  There was no delete button or no cancel button.  I even tried to edit the amount just so I wouldn’t pull so much out, but that didn’t even work.  This raises the issue that more and more companies need to build in an edit or cancel button because many of us need one.  There are articles being written about millennials and perfectionism from USA Today to the New York Post. Well, it’s probably because there’s no back button, no edit or cancel button to many websites we interact with.  Okay probably not the main reason, but you get the gist.  Even if we try to correct our mistake, we’ll probably be met with “sorry that’s user error”.  Okay, then what’s the point of having jobs called UI Desinger?



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