Finding Travel Size Skincare Products

Travel Skincare

So my husband and I are planning to go on vacation in 3 weeks.  It’s not international.  It’s going to be state-side and only a 3 hour flight away.  Since I don’t have Prime (yet) and Amazon shipments are somewhat of a toss up  when it comes to Korean products–sometimes it arrives within the week of ordering and other times it’ll take a month since it’s probably coming from Korea.  To be on the safe side, I’ve been looking at other websites that ship from the U.S. to see what skincare products are offered in travel size.

First I went on SokoGlam because I wanted to buy the Neogen Daylight Protection Sunscreen and the Cosrx Moisture Up Pads for our trip.  Then I found Peach and Lily, which is another third party seller here in the U.S (similar to Sokoglam) who happen to have a curated section of travel size skincare products.  It’s a small selection mostly by Mizon, but at least I know shipping will not take more than 2 weeks.  I decided to get the travel size eye cream, face cleanser, moisturizer, and makeup remover wipes.  My husband and I will likely be walking around a lot outside so it’s important to keep our skin hydrated and most of all protected from the sun.

Now if I could just find a hair product that will keep my hair feeling soft, smooth, untangled, and not frizzy that would be great.  Still have yet to find that holy grail product or routine.


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