Skincare to Protect from Air Pollution

Most of us here in the U.S. probably don’t have to worry about air pollution the way others who live in China or South Korea have to worry about air pollution.  Mega cities like Seoul or even Beijing have to battle unhealthy levels of poor air quality on a regular basis, but for us on the other hand with the exception of Los Angeles and New York City, we just don’t deal with this quite so often.  I mean we have Spare the Air days here in the Bay Area to encourage people to take public transit when the Air Quality Index gets above an unhealthy level.  Other than that, I personally don’t think about air pollution until after I stumbled across a section of skincare dedicated to this problem.  So I had to ask Google, and sure enough got some interesting search results.  New York Times even did a piece on it here, and so did Forbes here.

So what does air pollution do?  Basically fine particulate matter get into our pours and breaks down our skin barrier.  It’s true how the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure”.  Now that I’m in my thirties, I’m only sadly thinking about these things, which then raises the question of how I cleanse my face at night –currently only removing makeup with a wipe or micellar water.  After reading these articles though, I should probably start cleansing my face with an actual cleanser, and then figure out what product to add to my morning skin routine that protects from air pollution and also anti-aging.

For those traveling abroad, it’s also good to think about skin care protection especially if your destination is an urban environment where air pollution is inescapable.


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