Importance of Sunscreen for Skincare

Neogen Day Light Protection Sun Screen & Derma E Sun Screen

My second order from Soko Glam just came in.  I’m trying to buy all the skincare my husband and I will need on vacation, and sunscreen is of top priority.  I recently bought one from Derma E but unfortunately it exceeds the liquid limit to pass through airport security.  The Neogen Day-Light Protection sunscreen however is only 1.65 fluid ounces so it’s okay to fly with.  This product comes highly recommended since it uses zinc oxide in place of chemicals like oxybenzone, which is known to cause cancer and other side effects when it enters the body.

For anyone interested in learning about sunscreen protection, Google it.  Look for sunscreens that don’t use oxybenzone.  When I learned about this, I was previously using Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Facial Moisturizer with 15 SPF.  When I found out it had oxybenzone as one of the active ingredients, I dumped it right away.  Luckily, I wasn’t using it for too long and I was only on my second bottle, which was still half full when I threw it away.




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