2 Weeks of Using Eye Cream – A Review

MIZON Snail Repair Eye Cream, 25ml (0.84 fl. oz.)
MIZON Eye Cream

So before I began my skincare journey, I was only using moisturizer and applying it on my face once a day.  I know what you’re probably thinking, “how barbaric”.  After seeing the great affects Korean skincare was having on my face, I went further and purchased some eye cream since it’s a part of the 10-step routine.  It’s been two weeks of using the MIZON Eye Cream, and it’s already made such a difference on me.  At the end of a work day my eyes usually get blurry and feel heavy, probably from staring at a computer all day.  So I have this bad habit of rubbing my eyes to get all the build up off.  However, after using eye cream I don’t get that heavy tired feeling anymore.  I still get build up but it’s not as much as before when I was using Neutrogena or Olay moisturizer with SPF.  Using Olay moisturizer used to burn my eyes after yawning, which is why I switched to Neutrogena, and even when I switched after that, my eyes still felt heavy until I actually used eye cream.  It really does make such a big difference.  It’s lessened my dark circles and puffy eye bags, but most of all eased the feeling of tired eyes.


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