Milk Sheetmasks by A’pieu – A Review

I just tried the green tea milk mask, and WOW.  For those who are sensitive to smell, this mask will probably be too fragrant for you.  It’s really strong like obnoxiously strong that I’m close to getting a headache from it.  I thought I would like the green tea mask because I love the smell of Innisfree’s green tea serum and moisturizer, but this is just too much.  For those who love putting on perfume, this mask is for you.  The best time to use it would be just before you head out the door because you won’t even need to put any perfume on since this mask will do it for you.

Anyway, the other mask which is the white milk mask barely has a scent to it so it’s freaking perfect for those who are scent sensitive.  For me I actually really like the white milk mask.  It feels cozy for some reason, but still relaxing.  You know how masks are usually cooling when you put it on?  Well this wasn’t as cooling or breathable, but rather insulating if that makes any sense.  I actually really like the feeling.  The results however are fantastic.  The mask makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.


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