K-Beauty Try-on: Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

After watching a few people on Youtube rave about Innisfree’s mineral powder, I wanted to try it out myself.  I ordered this at the beginning of the month on Amazon and surprisingly it arrived earlier than expected.  I’ve tested it out a few times and I like how it helps keep shine down (probably not ideal for the ‘glass skin’ look).  I also like that it’s great for all different skin shades.  No need to worry about matching colors because the powder pretty much absorbs into the skin without leaving a white cast or residue.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I swear it makes my pores look smaller.

The pros about this product:

  1. The price. It’s only $9.00 USD on Amazon.
  2. The product boasts of no parabens, talc, artificial coloring, animal ingredients, mineral oil, or artificial fragrance.
  3. This product would also be great on vacations to tropical climates like Hawaii or to humid regions like the American South.  It’s great to take on those types of vacations, because if you’re like me, you’re not planning on bringing a full face of makeup especially if you’re planing on water activities.  This powder is great for those travel days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup, but still want to control shine.

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