Ended Up at the Alamo

Since we’re only a 90 minute drive away from San Antonio we decided to check out the Riverwalk and best of all the Alamo. It was quite packed today and I was surprised because Austin gives off such a chill vibe.

Then I realized it was packed for a reason. Apparently San Antonio is hosting the NCAA Final Four Men’s basketball championship. There was media coverage all around and tons of families out to support their team.

We got to the Riverwalk around 12pm, had lunch at the Hilton because it wasn’t busy, and then checked out the Alamo. By then crowds of people were pouring onto the streets, which signaled us to best start the journey back to Austin.

Don’t get me wrong, the Riverwalk looks like a great place to hang around, stroll, and have a nice little date but it was just too crowded for our liking. As for the Alamo it was probably the highlight of our short trip. It’s free to walk around and a great way to learn a part of American history. The only place we didn’t get to check out was the church interior. There was a line forming to go inside and I just wasn’t feeling up to the challenge.


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