First Luxury Purchase

I’ve held off for so long in buying a luxury item that it’s taken me awhile to settle on what my first purchase was going to be. I can tell you that no one had to twist my arm at the Gucci shop today.

So how did I end up justifying my purchase?

Several reasons. It’s probably from watching a lot of YouTubers who own luxury bags (influencers are real), having money saved up that isn’t earmarked for anything (okay maybe for future trips), and probably because I’m debt free and just want to treat myself. I mean I’ve held off for this long and I’m in my thirties for crying out loud. We all need a little something to keep us motivated in life right? Of course there are other ways to do it, but to each their own. Curiosity (ok FOMO) got the best of me, but you know what we all have to keep living. So we should live our best life!

Happy Friday folks!





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