Goodbye Austin

Welp Goodbye Austin! We really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of this city. We enjoyed the barbecue (didn’t stand in line for Frank’s though), shopped a lot of Whole Foods, and just appreciated the kind and courteous locals.

Would I recommend staying for a week? Only if you’re staying in a nice air bnb with a bunch of friends or family, if you have timeshare, or if your hotel is in downtown. I say this because Austin is a small city and you can probably see most of it in a day or two. You’ll want some cool digs to hang out in or else you may get bored and homesick.

The city is very walkable. There’s also public transportation if you want to get around to the outer parts of town. However, the easier option would be to rent a car and drive. At least this way you’re not limited to just the downtown area. The cool thing about staying in Austin is its proximity to San Antonio and Waco. Both are about a 90 minute drive away, and we all know who’s in Waco. Chip and Jo of course! I really wanted to check out their new restaurant, but we never got a chance to go. So for those who are huge fans just know they are a short drive away!


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