Pollution Fighting Sheetmask Review

Just tried Pacifica’s pollution fighting Sheetmask. Oh boy does it tingle my face! I had to take it off by the 15th minute mark. Not that it hurt or anything, but it tingled a little more than I liked. It was $3.99 for the sheetmask, which I guess is an ok price? After taking it off, I needed to put moisturizer over my face because it felt dry compared to the Milk masks from A’pieu. With those masks I can generally skip the moisturizer step. I know this because yesterday I tried Pacifica’s Stress Relief mask and the next morning a pimple popped up on my face. I’m assuming it’s because I didn’t put moisturizer afterward, which is why there was an over production of sebum happening. So now I have to babysit this sistic pimple and wait until it surfaces.

Update: After waking up the next morning, no additional pimples popped up. So for others who think going without moisturizer is okay after a sheetmask, think twice!  Put on some moisturizer.


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