There’s A Face Shop Near Me!

I’m so stoked that I live near a Face Shop! I bought a few face masks today out of sheer curiosity since they’re buy one get one free for only $3. I also picked up a blush for $9, and an oil cleanser for $16. It’s awesome knowing I can just pop in to try stuff out! I saw a lot of makeup products so I know I’m going to be back for more!

Store prices ranged from decently priced to fairly expensive. Expensive being $40 and up especially the products by Sulwhasoo.

I’m so happy I live close to a Face Shop because I really love Korean skincare. I’m so addicted ever since I’ve seen a major difference to my makeup application. No cakiness and no dry patches. I just don’t see myself going back!


5 thoughts on “There’s A Face Shop Near Me!

    1. I know I can’t believe it either! There’s always Ulta? I hear they sell some Korean products. I just haven’t checked it out for myself since there’s Amazon and Soko Glam. 😊


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