Current Obsession: Makeup

Lately I’ve been obsessed with makeup from watching a lot of Youtube.

Disclaimer: Influencers are real folks.

With Sephora having a sale and me wanting to purchase more spring/summer palettes, I’ve suddenly become obsessed with makeup, leading me to wonder how much the average woman budgets for makeup.

Well folks, Google took me to this article on and the post is called, “How Much the Average Woman Spends on Makeup in Her Lifetime“.  Another article from the New York post wrote a similar article called, “Vanity Costs American Women Nearly A Quarter of A Million Dollars”, also with similar findings.

It’s fairly alarming.

American women spend somewhere around $300,000 on beauty in their lifetime. Wow! That seems to be as much as the cost of a kid!

Apparently women on the East coast spend more on makeup than those residing in the West. That’s really interesting because that’s probably why I wasn’t really into makeup in my younger years since women around me wore so little.

Of course now that I’m watching Youtube, I’m totally influenced! That and because age sort of creeps up. Nowadays I put on makeup just so I can look younger! Sad, but c’est la vie!

We just gotta keep it together ladies! We gotta defy gravity!


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