What I’ve Spent on “Beauty” This Year

Photo: by Pexels

As a follow up to my previous post on what the average American woman will spend on beauty in her lifetime, I wanted to tally up my own “beauty” purchases to see what my spending has been like for the year and make sure future spending aligns with the budget.

Well I’ve tallied things up, ANDDDD I’ve probably went a little overboard. For skincare, hair care, and makeup I’ve spent close to $800. Gulp. It’s a little hard to digest but I don’t really have any regrets.

In my defense I haven’t purchased that much beauty products in the past 6 years and I’m basically building a base to replenish as needed in the future. Also I was testing out quite a bit of products, especially for my hair, and there are some items that I won’t be re-purchasing again. My husband also shares some of my skincare products so it’s all not for me.

Since I’m happy with the base that I’ve curated, my spending will not be as crazy in the near future. There are sheet masks and other makeup I still want to test out, but I’ll definitely be sure to keep my spending aligned with my budget. I’ll be honest and say that in the next month I’ll be dipping into savings (about $300) to pay for some excessive indulgences (new luxury handbag), testing fees, and study material. As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s expensive to be a professional. You just have to invest in yourself because if not you then who else right?

Anyway, anyone willing to share how much they’ve spent on beauty for the year? Below is my breakdown:

Sephora: $196.09

SokoGlam: $163.70

Peach & Lily: $28.35

Macy’s: $88.28

Amazon: $242.07

Faceshop: ~$33

Target / Japanese market: ~50

Bath & Body Works: $16

On a side note, this is how credit card debt happens. One too many over indulgences for people who really can’t afford buying these things. I probably should write a future post about this because if I wasn’t debt free with little savings, I would probably be digging myself a hole.


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