Sephora LOVE – Just an Insider 10% off

Y’all I’m officially a Sephora fan. I’ve been playing around with my Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow palette all weekend and I just love the pigmentation.  Who knew eye shadow could be so blend-able, but more importantly, NATURAL looking.  I just LOVE the palette and I LOVE the lies it covers up, which brings me to these items I recently purchased out of sheer joy for age defying makeup.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m desperately getting into makeup after watching, on Youtube, how incredibly transforming makeup can be for people.  Since I’m late in the game, I’ve been watching quite a bit of GRWM videos and noticed that I’m missing out on some concealer.  If there’s anything that’ll give age away, it’s having dark circles under the eyes.  And I have them.  Foundation wasn’t doing the trick so I figure what with 10% off at Sephora, I thought it was perfect to take the plunge and buy some concealer.  Of course it’s Clinique because I already know my shade with them, and I’ve officially decided that they have my business for life.  Earlier this year I tried Burt’s Bees foundation, and no where is it as flawless as Clinique.

I’ve also been missing out on highlighters and contouring so I couldn’t resist my curiosity with the Two Faced Natural Face palette featured above.  I wanted more options than what I currently own so I bought in on the juju and am now owner to such a beautiful face palette!

The packaging for the Two Faced Natural Face palette is luxurious.  There’s substantial weight to it when holding it up, and it makes me feel like I’ve made it.  Like I’ve joined some elite club of makeup users or something because it just gives me the feels!  Apparently I’ve been used to drugstore packaging all my life because this palette made me feel luxurious.

Anyway, happy Monday y’all!  It was a very long day for me at work, but I was sure happy to see my Sephora box on my front door.  And this is not the last of it because I have one more box coming in, either tomorrow or Wednesday, so another future Sephora post to follow!


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