Makeup Intervention

Free stock photo by Pexels


So I’ve been watching a makeup de-cluttering video on Youtube and I’m flabbergasted on the amount of makeup people own.  I get that some Youtubers, or shall I say Influencers, receive free items but for the rest of us who don’t, owning that much makeup is quite expensive especially when there’s a shelf life.

I was about to indulge and pick up more palettes from Macy’s with the 15% off sale,  however, I already know I won’t hit pan on the makeup I currently own.  As a byproduct of paying off debt, I’ve conditioned myself to not waste money, so it’s important for me to get my money’s worth on what I currently own especially since what I bought wasn’t cheap.  I’ve come to the realization that I should probably stick to the palettes I already have and use them up.  To me, I think I have a good base and that it’ll be okay if I give makeup shopping a break until maybe September when the seasons change.




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