e.l.f. – A Budget Friendly Brand

I know I’ve been raving about the Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam eyeshadow palette in my previous posts, but I want to share a new eyeshadow palette from e.l.f. called Mad for Matte 2, which is a third of the price.  This is by no means a comparison of like colors, but rather a suggested alternative for everyday summer shades.  I think it’s a great starter palette and budget friendly with enough shades to create many looks from natural to ‘bam in your face’.  You can pick this up at Target for $10 so definitely no buyer’s remorse if you end up not liking it.  It’s not as easily blendable like the ABH palette, but hey, it’s a fraction of the price.

As for the e.l.f. contour palette, I like it.  It wears matte so it’s great for an everyday look.  To be honest, I’ve been giving my face a rest this week and I’ve pretty much been wearing powder and blush.  I still have yet to incorporate this into my everyday routine if I could just wake up early enough.  Anyone else like the brand e.l.f.?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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