Saving Money with A Drying Rack

Bamboo Wooden Drying Rack

It’s that time of year when you can hang dry your clothes instead of subjecting them to the dryer. I’ll put socks, underwear, undershirts, and towels in the dryer, but for the most part I hang dry our clothes all year long, even during the winter. You save money this way either with the electricity bill or some coins if you do coin laundry like us. We have been using the Bamboo Wooden Drying Rack pictured above that we got from Amazon a few years ago and it’s still in great condition. It’s great for small spaces, especially if you live in an apartment because it’s compact, easily fold-able, and can be stored away.

In addition, clothes last longer when air dried. There’s no worry of shrinkage, fading, or ruined sweaters (jumpers). For those who have delicate underwear or even wire bras, this rack is perfect for hang drying instead of using the shower rod.

For us, hang drying our clothes saves $1.25 a week (cost of drying a load in our apartment complex) equating to $65 of savings a year. It’s not much, but it’s already paid for itself and hang drying will help clothes last a lot longer, which is where the savings really come in.

For those in Asian countries, I know this is not a new tip, but for us living in the West it’s something to consider for several reasons –it’s environmentally friendly, clothes last longer, and money savings.

Anyone else use a drying rack?


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