No Where Near Empty – Skincare

Free photo by Pexels


Remember all the Korean skincare products I bought at the beginning of the year and remember how I thought I’d need to stock up on some by the end of April?  Well, I’m no where near empty.  The only refills I’ve re-ordered are the COSRX Moisture Up Pads and the Mizon Snail Eye Cream.  I really want to write an Empties blog post, but I still have lots of face wash, hair oils/mists, moisturizers, and serums to use up.  I mean I guess it’s good to know that these products can last.

The other reason is probably because I’ve been using less skincare lately.  My morning and night routine has been cleanse, toner, eye cream, and moisturizer.  During the day I add sunscreen, but that’s pretty much it.  On days when I feel my skin fairly moisturized, I’ll just cleanse, tone, and then put on Innisfree’s Green Tea Serum.  I really haven’t felt the need to layer moisturizing products on my face like how I was doing in the winter time because it hasn’t been dry over here.

Also, I’ve been lucky with minimal breakouts.  I’m doing well not to touch my face, which is something I’ve realized and quickly learned not to do.  Even hair around my face can agitate my skin and break me out.  So as we continue to have warmer days, I’ll have to see how my face reacts to the weather change and add new products as I see fit for summertime.



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