My Eyeshadow Collection

My small and simple eyeshadow collection.  As you can see I’m loving the pinks, corrals, and nudes for the eyes at the moment.  I like having the Anastasia Palette for special occasions, but for the most part, the rest of the colors are blend-able for a subtle and more natural look.  I do have a confession though.  I have one more palette coming in on Friday from M.A.C.  I couldn’t resist the free shipping from Nordstrom AND the 15% off discount.  I think the sale just ended unfortunately.  The deal is definitely better than from Macy’s since at Macy’s free shipping is only after spending over $99.  At Nordstrom it was free shipping regardless of what you buy, so for me, I just picked up the M.A.C. eyeshadow palette and checked out.  Excited to share that palette with you all when it comes in!


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