And Then A Korean Makeup Trend

Not sure how long the blue eyeshadow trend will last, but have any of you caught on to the Korean makeup trend or even know that one exists? Here I am often talking about Korean skincare that at some point you would think I’m bound to talk about Korean makeup right? Well, yes that’s correct. I have come across some Youtube videos explaining the differences between American versus Korean makeup looks, and I’ve definitely seen quite a bit of Pony videos to know the difference between the two styles that I can’t help wonder if the blue eyeshadow trend is a response to the K world.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like in Korean makeup these days, the current trend is pink and corral eyeshadow shades. And I feel like the colors go on more sheer where it’s a hint of color versus heavy pigmentation the way it’s applied here in America. I can definitely catch on to both styles liking some aspects of each and making it my own. Currently, I’m liking corrals for my eyes in a minimalist toned down way, and I’m liking highlighters and bronzers on my face so I can look like a sun-kissed Cali girl. I also can’t help but like the shimmery eyeshadow shades for special occasions. I just think it’s a great way to add pizzazz to anything. So I guess you can say depending on my mood, I’ll straddle the line and borrow from both styles to make my own.

I will say that heavy eye lining or mascara wearing is not for me. I’ve really tried and when I do that’s usually when I get a sty. So I reserve eyelining for special occasions.


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