Ways I Style My Outfit – Simple

I used to think small space living was hard because growing up I had my own room with a closet all to my own.  Now that I’m married, I have to share my space, the closet, the dresser, and basically pack clothes away come fall or spring to be able to save space.  I’ve come to realize though that instead of bulking up my closet with tons of clothes, there’s opportunity to play around with accessories and makeup.  I was never one to have much accessories or makeup growing up so it’s only now I’ve realized how much accessories can spruce up a bland outfit.  It’s also really important to know how much is too much.  Definitely don’t want to go overboard and look gaudy, but hey that’s just me.

So how do I like to style myself?

For work, I like to keep it simple and comfortable.  I’m in the office for a good 10 hours of the day and mostly sitting.  It’s killer, I know so I like to keep myself comfortable and low key.  On days when I meet clients, I dress up a little bit more.  I’ll put on a collared shirt, a nice blouse, or blazer, and will most likely have my hair tied back.  I’ll also wear makeup to look presentable.   However, I don’t like to overdue my makeup or jewelry, and will keep it simple because it could be a distraction during the meeting, and as a woman, I’d like to be taken seriously.

For anything non-work related, this is where the fun begins.  It’s no wonder some like to wear all black or just even basic colors because then you can spruce up an outfit the following ways:

  1. Jewelry – I like to keep it simple and not wear a whole bunch.  At most I’ll wear two types – earrings and a bracelet, or earrings and a necklace.  If I’m going to a wedding then maybe if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll wear all three.
  2. Handbag – Ahhh the handbag.  This to me is the ultimate accessory.  A nice crossbody bag will elevate a jeans and tee-shirt outfit instantly.
  3. Shoes – Shoes do the same thing as the handbag.  Keep the outfit simple and make the outfit pop with shoes be it in color or style.
  4. Makeup – I’m loving the different eyeshadow shades out there.  For anyone on a budget, eyeshadow palettes and lipstick are probably the best investment for accessorizing.  Having multiple shades is a fun way to change your look instantly.
  5. Nail polish is another budget friendly accessory that adds character to any outfit. I’m currently liking the look of a few fingers painted a different color, but more specifically adding a glittery color for some pizzaz.

Would anyone like to share their favorite accessories?


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