Still On Track With Savings Goal

So sometime at the beginning of the year I had planned to save $400 a month plus some extra if I had any surplus to do so.  I did have minor hiccups here and there from buying skincare, to makeup, and then bags.  However, I’m still on track with my initial 2018 goal.  The month of May was definitely a laid back month where I didn’t spend too much on stuff. It also helped that my husband was paying for half of our food and that it wasn’t all me shelling out for everything like what happened in April.  But that’s okay we had a talk and all is normal again, which is why I’ve been able to get back and stay on track with my goal of saving $400 a month.  I can definitely save more, and will try harder in the next coming months, but for the time being I’m happy that I’m still meeting my initial goal.


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