Another Empties Post – Skincare

As you can see I’m no where near empty on my moisturizers, cleansers, and serums.  I still have a while until I finish any of my moisturizers since I bought so many and I practically rotate them in my routine.  Since it’s summer time, I rarely feel the need to slather a bunch of moisturizer on my face because I feel like I sweat it off anyway.  I’ve really only been using Innisfree’s Green Tea serum both at night and during the day coupled with sunscreen that I feel like it’s okay going minimal.  Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy, which has been recently, I just spray on face mist at night before bed.  But again, the heat.  I feel like I’m constantly sweating and thus my skin feeling dewy most times.  On occasion because of laziness I’ll see a dry patch near my mouth, but nothing a little moisturizer can’t fix.

Anyway, above are just some of the products I’ve finished and will consistently buy in the near future.  I already picked up Mizon’s snail eye cream, Garnier’s micellar water, and more Cosrx toner pads.  I still need to go into the Japanese store and pick up more conditioner by Tsubaki because I just love the product.  It works well for me and it also smell great.


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