Youtube for Fitness

balance body exercise female
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I seriously love Youtube and I kick myself for not having discovered it any sooner.  It’s probably my fault because I’m not much of a follower of trends except after watching creative Youtube videos.  My obsession first started with clothing hauls, closet decluttering videos and then people cleaning their homes.  Since then I’ve evolved and have realized how great a learning tool Youtube can be for anyone.  Just recently I realized Youtube has some great FREE fitness videos and all you have to do to get a good workout is search for one.  Now that I’ve discovered this, I’m sort of kicking myself for having committed to a one year gym membership!  But that’s okay.  We live and learn and share so others can benefit.

For those just starting off on their fitness journey, I recommend doing a Youtube search for a ‘beginner workout’.  If not a beginner, I think Youtube has some great videos on abs, arms, and legs.  And if that’s not your style, you can always search for yoga, zumba, pilates, or a total body workout routine.  The point is Youtube provides free access to fitness videos that at one point we had to buy in store.  In fact, I see a few fitness dvds on my shelf from the early 2000s that I probably don’t need to keep because I can access similar workouts on Youtube for FREE!


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