A Budget Spa Day at Home


How to have a budget friendly spa day at home you ask?  It’s simple.  Pick up a few items from the store if you don’t already have them, and set a future date for your spa day either alone or with your girls.

The goods:

  1. Nail polish.  Pick your color and don’t forget to have nail polish remover with cotton balls at the ready.
  2. Hair mask.  Pick up a hair mask if you don’t already have one or make your own.
  3. Sheet masks.  These babies are everywhere now.  CVS, Target, Bath and Body, etc.
  4. Bath bomb. Take a bath.  You probably want to do this on your own and not with your girls.

There are no instructions for this budget friendly spa day.  You choose what to do first and when to move on.  I hope some of you find these ideas useful to start your own budget friendly spa day at home.  Forget about wasting hundreds of dollars on a mud bath or on a facial.  You can get the same thing for a fraction of the cost in the comforts of your own home.  Enjoy!


Claiming my Honey Money

I thought I could wait and claim my Honey gold at the end of the year but I just couldn’t wait any longer!  I accumulated 3,000 points allowing me to claim a $30 gift card.  I chose Amazon because lately I’ve been into K-Beauty and I’m just itching to try more stuff.  So with this free money, I’m planning to get two GPS masks by Troiareuke and some eye cream by Mizon.  The GPS masks look very travel friendly, and easy to put on when on the plane so definitely want to try it on my upcoming trip.

If you’re interested in trying Honey, join Honey now.



How Awesome is Amazon Really?

I can’t remember what blog post I read, but someone has already mentioned how great Amazon is for international skincare.  Let’s face it, we are a globalized society thanks to the internet, tourism, and international business in general.  There is this cross-pollination of products which somehow Amazon makes easy to access.  The exception is probably European luxury retailers who feel that selling through Amazon would cheapen their brand.  Other than the likes of Louis Vuitton or Chanel, Amazon sells international products that we all have access to.  That’s how I was able to buy Korean skincare through them.  More importantly, products are often cheaper on Amazon compared to retail stores or other websites like Sephora.  I bought my Tsubaki hair mist at a Japanese grocery store for $16.99, but Amazon sells it for $9.74.  The great thing is we have options.

2 Reasons Why You Should Shop On a Budget

If you’re still in debt but feel the need to buy beauty and skin products, or even new clothes, then at least make a budget for these things.

Shop on sale or look for cheaper alternatives.  There’s just no need to buy a luxury brand while still in debt.  Not that you can’t, but logically it’s impractical.  Even if you refuse this advice, then at least save for what you want and account for it in your budget.

Buy things slowly and within your means.  You’ll appreciate what you have and you’ll stop making impulse purchases.

My Go-To Budget Retailers

Back when I was shopping on a $100 per month budget, my go-to retailer was Old Navy and H&M.  They still are today, but now I have other retail brands sprinkled into my current closet.

Theses two retailers offer the best deals where you can get quite a bit of stuff for $100.  This was how I built up my wardrobe, little by little.  And because majority of my clothes are from Old Navy, there are days when I’m dressed head to toe in it.

However, over the years, there are things I’ve learned not to buy from them:

  1. Sweaters/Knits.  They tend to pill easily from Old Navy and H&M that you’d have to replace them by next season.
  2. T-Shirts.  Since I buy online, it’s often a gamble on the quality of the t-shirt.  I’ve gotten see-through shirts from both H&M and Old Navy before so I’d have to wear a tank top underneath them.  However, I’ve also bought shirts from both where I didn’t need to.

Things that I love from Old Navy:

  1. Jeans when they’re on sale for $12.
  2. Jersey Dresses.  So comfortable and super affordable.  I like my dresses to the knee so my life hack is to order dresses in Tall that way the length is longer.

Things that I love from H&M:

  1. Outerwear
  2. Jackets
  3. Blazers
  4. Sweatshirts

Using the Site Honey to Get Gift Cards

I’m fairly new to the site called Honey.  It was something that popped up on my Facebook feed that I decided to give a try.  Basically it’s an extension to your browser that finds promo codes when you’re shopping online.  At checkout, you click on the H icon at the top right corner of your browser (you’ll see the icon when you install it).  Honey will tell you how many promo codes are available, and it will input all of them to find the best discount.  Sometimes you won’t get a discount, however, just by using them alone will earn you points toward a gift card.  So for every 1,000 points you accumulate, you get $10 applied to a gift card of your choice.  Currently, they have 10 gift card options, which are the following: Wal-mart, Ebay, Sephora, Groupon, Nordstrom, Target, Sears, Amazon, 1-800-Flowers, and Brookstone.

It’s definitely a win-win and super convenient to use.  I think I’ve only been using this since October of last year and so far I have 2,271 points with 723 pending (takes 60 days for points to clear).  I’m excited about this because of the option for a Nordstrom or Sephora gift card!  I’ve been eyeing some beauty products, which I can’t get myself to purchase because it’s so hard to justify the price, but maybe just maybe I’ll be able to offset the cost with my $30 gift card.

If you’re interested in signing up, please click here!