Mini Haul and March Savings

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing CreamTSUBAKI Shiseido Hair MistMISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Hair Treatment

My second Korean moisturizer that I ordered last month finally arrived the other day.  I also ordered some hair serum last week and that also just arrived.  I guess I’ve been into hair products recently.  Hopefully I find a hair routine suitable for dry and frizzy hair.

On a different note, my savings for March is going to be $400.  Didn’t get to save all that much because of taxes and other life surprises.


Changing My Financial Game Plan

Recently I’ve been getting articles about the next looming recession.  Having seen so many articles pop up on my newsfeed bothers me on an uncomfortable level.  I’ve been having some sleepless nights thinking about what’s to come and then feeling quite uncomfortable with the money put in a brokerage account (5 digits).  With that said I decided to pull out and put into savings 60% of what was in there.

I’m sorry but I’m not prepared to see half of my hard earned money gone.  That money is all of my bonus money I’ve earned these past 3 years, and I would be devastated to see a chuck of it gone.  I’m still new to investing, and I did just get out of debt.  So I’m thinking to hoard a bunch of cash for a sizable emergency fund in case future job loss occurs.

Why It’s Important to Have an Emergency Fund

When it rains it pours.  Sometimes life doesn’t work out the ways it’s supposed to and expenses can pile up fairly quickly.  First I had to change flight plans which cost $250 for me and my husband.  Then my front tire needed to get replaced and rotated so there went $130.  Wasn’t able to work out arrangements to attend a destination wedding so to compensate, I’m planning to gift a very large sum of money.  I’ve already saved up $400, but plan to dish an additional $300.  Also remember my tax bill?  Well I just sent California $733, and they’ve already taken it out of my bank account.  Lucky for me I have a healthy emergency fund to cover all of this, but that’s why it’s so important to have money saved because seriously when it rains, sometimes it pours.  I’m just grateful that I’m not going into debt for this, but still it’s a lot of money going out at one time.

February Savings

I get paid bi-monthly, which usually happens on the 1st and 15th of the month.  I was able to save $500 on the 1st and $150 on the 15th.

Unfortunately, it’s tax season, and we finally filed our taxes.  Thankfully we got $300 back from federal, but owed California $700.  Most of my discretionary spending went to paying the rest of our taxes, and luckily we’ve kept our spending to a minimum so we’re still able to save.  With all the market fluctuations, from dropping 1,000 points last week to rebounding this week, I’ve decided to save in a regular savings account before moving it into the stock market.  My plan is to buy at a lower price when the market self corrects again.  We’ll see how it goes.

2 Reasons Why You Should Shop On a Budget

If you’re still in debt but feel the need to buy beauty and skin products, or even new clothes, then at least make a budget for these things.

Shop on sale or look for cheaper alternatives.  There’s just no need to buy a luxury brand while still in debt.  Not that you can’t, but logically it’s impractical.  Even if you refuse this advice, then at least save for what you want and account for it in your budget.

Buy things slowly and within your means.  You’ll appreciate what you have and you’ll stop making impulse purchases.

Simple Tricks to Save Some Money


Our PG&E bill in December.
  1. Don’t put on the heat until it’s absolutely freezing.  We got through several winters just by layering, going under blankets, and keeping our curtains open during the day to naturally warm up our place.  Our highest heating bill was $39.76, which was actually our last bill.
  2. Ditch cable and go for Netflix, Prime, or for sports enthusiasts, get Sling TV.  These are all options that are a fraction of the cost of cable.
  3. Bring a packed lunch to work, and stop eating out.  Not cooking your own food is a budget killer.
  4. Just drink water.  Not only is it healthier, it’s cheaper than soft drinks, sports drinks, or flavored teas.
  5. Make your own coffee at home or drink the office coffee.
  6. At one point, I didn’t wear makeup for two years just to save money to put towards debt.
  7. I also started cutting my own hair and giving myself manicures and pedicures.
  8. My husband and I stopped going to the movie theaters, and if we do go, we go to the very first showing, which costs $9.50 versus $13.50.
  9. Don’t get caught up in FOMO. Everyone is different.  There’s just no need to keep up with your friends, neighbors, or co-workers.  You will eventually get there.  It may not be today, but you will.  You don’t need the new Iphone 10.
  10. Don’t upgrade your digs until you’re out of debt or have saved enough for a down payment on a house.  Upgrading to a luxury apartment complex because you want to treat yourself or because you want to experience living in such a place just eats up your chance to save, and will make paying off debt longer.
  11. Hang dry some of your clothes.  If you live in an apartment like we do, we bought some drying racks and hang dry at least one load.  This saves us $60 per year. Not a whole lot of savings, but if you’re in debt, every penny counts.