Still On Track With Savings Goal

So sometime at the beginning of the year I had planned to save $400 a month plus some extra if I had any surplus to do so.  I did have minor hiccups here and there from buying skincare, to makeup, and then bags.  However, I’m still on track with my initial 2018 goal.  The month of May was definitely a laid back month where I didn’t spend too much on stuff. It also helped that my husband was paying for half of our food and that it wasn’t all me shelling out for everything like what happened in April.  But that’s okay we had a talk and all is normal again, which is why I’ve been able to get back and stay on track with my goal of saving $400 a month.  I can definitely save more, and will try harder in the next coming months, but for the time being I’m happy that I’m still meeting my initial goal.


Finding a Balance to Accumulating Stuff

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Ever since I read that article, from, on “How Much the Average Woman Spends on Makeup in Her Life,” I want to change my own situation so I don’t end up spending a bunch of money on makeup or mindlessly shop for things I think I need but really don’t.  I definitely have goals to invest, to fund my retirement, to travel, and to be licensed in my profession.  All these things cost money, and thus, I should keep my spending in line with my goals.

Thankfully, makeup, skincare, and hair care can last for up to 1-2 years. This year will be a high buying year for said items and at some point will stop once I figure out what I like and what will work for summer and winter months.  Then I can just stock up on refills. This happened to me with clothing and shoes where I just bought a bunch of stuff in the last few years.  I experimented with my style, regretted quite a bit of purchases, purged a lot of clothing from my closet, and eventually found my style.  At the beginning of this year, I gave myself a goal to not buy clothes until June of this year.  Well I’m happy to report that I’ve kept to my word.  I’m stoked for my discipline that I thought to extend my ban until September.  However, I think I can extend my ‘no clothing’ ban until January of 2019, because really, my closet doesn’t need anything new at the moment.  I also think I’ve reached a satisfactory point with my beauty collection except I’ve gotten into eye shadow palettes lately, and I’m sort of obsessed with them.  I’m still playing around with makeup and at some point I’ll get to a stopping point.  But I’m glad I can keep my shopping aligned with my goals so I’m not frivolously throwing money to the wind.

Thus, with all said and done, finding a balance is important to achieving goals.  We’re not all well off to just buy what we please.  We need to budget, sacrifice, and have patience until we can afford our purchases.  Don’t you think?  So I say rotate spending so one year is all about clothes and shoes, and then the next on makeup.

What I’ve Learned From Makeup

Makeup is sure addicting. All the glitz and glamour that I feel from wearing it makes me feel great, and it sure helped boost the little self-esteem I barely had. However, I’m learning there’s a balance to have so we don’t over or under indulge ourselves. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve over indulged and now all the purchases that I’ve made don’t make me feel good anymore. Does that happen to anyone else?

But this is a good feeling to have because at least I can change my situation quite easily. I guess I’m not happy that I have to dip into savings to pay off my credit card bill this month, and it looks like I’ll be taking $500 instead of the $300 I initially thought. It’s not sitting well with me, which brings me to what I’ve learned from it all:

  1. Find your style and forget the trends. If you don’t, you’ll be buying a lot of ‘stuff’ and possibly tossing a lot away. Buy what makes you feel happy and what makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself.  Forget trends until after you build up a good base.
  2. Buy basics and/or multi-taskers. Skincare. Hair care. Makeup. Clothing. With clothing and makeup, these items should multi-task and transition through multiple seasons. Don’t buy an expensive event dress, only to be used for one or two times out of the year and end up collecting dust in your closet.
  3. Create an everyday uniform for work. This includes clothing and makeup.  Clothing and makeup for work should help you feel comfortable and confident so your main focus is work.
  4. Makeup has a shelf life. I seriously just learned this today, what being a newbie and all. If you look closely at your makeup labels, it’ll show an image like the one below, but I’m sure many of you already know this. Don’t hoard makeup since it expires. Buy what you need to save yourself some money.               Image result for makeup shelf life
  5. Skincare also has a shelf life so buy what you need and don’t hoard.
  6. Luxury handbags are overrated.  At least where I live. It was thrilling when I bought my first one, however, I’m pretty rough with my bags.  So when I wear my designer bag, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells out of fear of spilling liquids on it.  You know spending over a grand for a bag hurts. Not sure I want self-inflicted stress in my life.
  7. As women we have to draw the line with our spending so we could also be investors. I’m currently realizing this, and I’m taking a stand for change so I can get back to saving and investing.
  8. Budget. I think I’m going to create a monthly budget for beauty products, clothing, and accessories.

Makeup Intervention

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So I’ve been watching a makeup de-cluttering video on Youtube and I’m flabbergasted on the amount of makeup people own.  I get that some Youtubers, or shall I say Influencers, receive free items but for the rest of us who don’t, owning that much makeup is quite expensive especially when there’s a shelf life.

I was about to indulge and pick up more palettes from Macy’s with the 15% off sale,  however, I already know I won’t hit pan on the makeup I currently own.  As a byproduct of paying off debt, I’ve conditioned myself to not waste money, so it’s important for me to get my money’s worth on what I currently own especially since what I bought wasn’t cheap.  I’ve come to the realization that I should probably stick to the palettes I already have and use them up.  To me, I think I have a good base and that it’ll be okay if I give makeup shopping a break until maybe September when the seasons change.



What I’ve Spent on “Beauty” This Year

Photo: by Pexels

As a follow up to my previous post on what the average American woman will spend on beauty in her lifetime, I wanted to tally up my own “beauty” purchases to see what my spending has been like for the year and make sure future spending aligns with the budget.

Well I’ve tallied things up, ANDDDD I’ve probably went a little overboard. For skincare, hair care, and makeup I’ve spent close to $800. Gulp. It’s a little hard to digest but I don’t really have any regrets.

In my defense I haven’t purchased that much beauty products in the past 6 years and I’m basically building a base to replenish as needed in the future. Also I was testing out quite a bit of products, especially for my hair, and there are some items that I won’t be re-purchasing again. My husband also shares some of my skincare products so it’s all not for me.

Since I’m happy with the base that I’ve curated, my spending will not be as crazy in the near future. There are sheet masks and other makeup I still want to test out, but I’ll definitely be sure to keep my spending aligned with my budget. I’ll be honest and say that in the next month I’ll be dipping into savings (about $300) to pay for some excessive indulgences (new luxury handbag), testing fees, and study material. As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s expensive to be a professional. You just have to invest in yourself because if not you then who else right?

Anyway, anyone willing to share how much they’ve spent on beauty for the year? Below is my breakdown:

Sephora: $196.09

SokoGlam: $163.70

Peach & Lily: $28.35

Macy’s: $88.28

Amazon: $242.07

Faceshop: ~$33

Target / Japanese market: ~50

Bath & Body Works: $16

On a side note, this is how credit card debt happens. One too many over indulgences for people who really can’t afford buying these things. I probably should write a future post about this because if I wasn’t debt free with little savings, I would probably be digging myself a hole.

Mini Haul and March Savings

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing CreamTSUBAKI Shiseido Hair MistMISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Hair Treatment

My second Korean moisturizer that I ordered last month finally arrived the other day.  I also ordered some hair serum last week and that also just arrived.  I guess I’ve been into hair products recently.  Hopefully I find a hair routine suitable for dry and frizzy hair.

On a different note, my savings for March is going to be $400.  Didn’t get to save all that much because of taxes and other life surprises.

Changing My Financial Game Plan

Recently I’ve been getting articles about the next looming recession.  Having seen so many articles pop up on my newsfeed bothers me on an uncomfortable level.  I’ve been having some sleepless nights thinking about what’s to come and then feeling quite uncomfortable with the money put in a brokerage account (5 digits).  With that said I decided to pull out and put into savings 60% of what was in there.

I’m sorry but I’m not prepared to see half of my hard earned money gone.  That money is all of my bonus money I’ve earned these past 3 years, and I would be devastated to see a chuck of it gone.  I’m still new to investing, and I did just get out of debt.  So I’m thinking to hoard a bunch of cash for a sizable emergency fund in case future job loss occurs.