Last Beauty Haul of March 2018

Benton Honest Face Mist, Cosrx Low pH Cleanser, A’Pieu Milk Sheetmasks, A’Pieu Green Tea Sheetmasks, Skinfood Hair Essence


My sheetmasks just came in and the plan is to use them on my upcoming trip.  I also bought a face mist to carry around with me in case my skin freaks out from a shift in temperature and environment.

The other product is another hair essence for volumizing limp hair (eye roll, I know too many hair products).  I also bought another Cosrx Low pH cleanser since my husband likes to use it as well.

For April, I’m not planning to buy or tryout new stuff (maybe).  I’m quite happy with my current skincare that I’ll probably be re-purchasing the same things until summer rolls around.  Maybe…unless I find something that I’m curious about.


Received Replacement Sheetmasks

[TROIAREUKE] GPS MASK [Nature Republic] Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence
Thanks to the seller on Amazon who kindly gave me replacement sheetmasks.  It was unfortunate that my initial order got damaged along transit, but thankfully, the seller was nice enough to re-send new ones.  I’m very grateful because I was hoping to test these out on the plane, and I’m so happy that I still can do it!

The other product above is another hair product I ordered a few weeks ago and finally came in the other day.  Lots of hair products to test out!


Mini Haul and March Savings

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing CreamTSUBAKI Shiseido Hair MistMISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Hair Treatment

My second Korean moisturizer that I ordered last month finally arrived the other day.  I also ordered some hair serum last week and that also just arrived.  I guess I’ve been into hair products recently.  Hopefully I find a hair routine suitable for dry and frizzy hair.

On a different note, my savings for March is going to be $400.  Didn’t get to save all that much because of taxes and other life surprises.


Beauty / Skincare Haul

I purchased these items last week on Amazon and they got to my door this morning.  I bought a new blusher just so I have two with one dedicated for traveling only.  I also bought a shower cap so I can start using hair masks, and also a hair oil.  I figure it doesn’t hurt to try several hair products to find my holy grail.

My other order from Peach and Lily arrived via USPS.  Thankfully they arrived intact.  These items are intended to be used on our upcoming trip with the exception of the sheetmasks.  Those were included for free in my order.  Again as previously mentioned, I bought travel size eye cream, moisturizer, cleanser, and makeup face wipes (all products from Mizon except the makeup wipes).


Hair Mist – Product Review

TSUBAKI Shiseido Hair Water Damage Care Smooth

I took a break from using this product since I was testing out whether a new shampoo and conditioner combo would do the trick in softening my frizzy locks.  Well I wasn’t too impressed with how my hair was feeling so I went back to spritzing my hair with this product.  It really does the trick in softening up my strands.  Usually I have a hard time running my fingers through my hair because it’s often tangled at the ends, but with this hair mist, my hair feels soft and smooth where my fingers can run through easily.  My hair still looks frizzy but it’s not as coarse to the touch as before applying the mist.


Going to Try New Shampoo by Nature Republic

So my new shampoo and conditioner just arrived via Amazon.  I’m excited to try this out and go paraben free and sulfate free (been using Pantene).  This is actually a new product from Nature Republic and it’s supposed to prevent further hair loss and supposedly add back moisture to dry hair.  I’m really hoping this will work out for me because if not, I’ll be on to the next product after this.  Future review to follow!


Hair Products Review – John Frieda Frizz Ease and Tsubaki

I have pretty frizzy hair and I’m just starting my journey in finding the right products to tame fly aways, prevent further hair loss, and further hair breakage.  Earlier this year I thought to try John Frieda products which I picked up from Target.  I really wanted to like them, but even after applying the serum and touch up cream, I still saw fly aways, my hair still looked frizzy, and it also felt brittle.

I’ve been trying to not wash my hair everyday, which does help the dryness but does nothing for my oily scalp at the end of the second day of not washing.  I tried these two Japanese products because luckily I’m close to a Japanese grocery store and fairly convenient to access.  Both products help my hair feel stronger and less frizzy.  The one in the bottle is a hair mist that I spray in my hair after taking a shower and before blow-drying.  The other one is hair treatment applied 1-2 times per week.  The hair treatment works really well, and I’m sure would work better if I used better shampoo and conditioner.  I hate wasting products and I still have big bottles of shampoo and conditioner from Pantene to finish.  I did order new shampoo and conditioner from Amazon that’s supposed to be paraben and sulfate free.  I’m assuming that’s probably why my hair’s been dry, damaged, and brittle especially from over washing.  We shall see how it goes.