Mid-year Life Update

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Wow already the start of July with half the year behind us.  June wasn’t really an inspiring month for blogging after constantly coming home exhausted from work.  I’d come home, eat dinner, and just veg out in front of the TV to unwind.  Also, I’ve been trying to focus on studying for my license, and blogging just took too much bandwidth out of me.

Anyway, here I am happy to report that all is well over here in this small space of the internet.  I’m excited to have two trips lined up for the end of the year.  We’re planning a short trip to Vancouver and also one to Disneyland!  I’m so excited because I at least have something to look forward to.  Not that I dread my working life, but you know, it’s a dangling carrot to get me through the year!

Other than that, summer is finally starting to feel like summer over here.  The days are warmer with a light cool breeze making for great California weather we all love.



Weekend Reflection

Just wanted to share a snippet of what our past weekend was like. We had a gorgeous view from the San Jose hills over looking the valley this weekend and it was amazing.

It was nice getting away from the normal weekend routine. Every once and awhile we do it, and this time around it was a breath of fresh air. At times it gets too fast living over here. Everyone seems to be racing to the top, but this weekend felt nice and relaxing with family and friends.  Anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic week!  Tomorrow will be the start of May and it’s been in the mid-60s lately.  I’m so ready for warmer days.

Update On Clothes Shopping

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Boy am I glad I’ve committed to a shopping freeze on clothing.  At the beginning of this year, I told myself not to buy any new clothing item until maybe June or even July because I really didn’t and still don’t need anything new.  I’m glad I’ve been committed to a clothing freeze for the following reasons:

  1. I’m wearing the clothes currently in my closet, and it’s fine. No broken buttons, no holes, or even no fading from the wash.
  2. I’ll get my money’s worth on cost per wear by shopping my closet.
  3. I don’t need to clear out my closet like how I did last year.  I did 6 Thredup bags last year.
  4. I’ve used the money I’d spend on clothes for other things like Korean skincare and makeup.
  5. I’ve also bought 2 luxury handbags.
  6. And then I’ve self invested and spent money on study material for my profession.

These are all great reasons to keep the shopping freeze going until maybe September.  I think I can do it and hopefully save some money, or possibly use that money for something else like a trip or maybe even a new luxury handbag.

My Progress with Korean Skincare

I still love Korean skincare. I’m addicted and I just want to try everything. Ok, maybe not everything, but at least enough to know what my favorite brands are and be able to explain why. Currently, I get a few breakouts here and there, but regardless of my breakouts along my chin, the rest of my skin looks great.

My goal is to prevent early signs of aging and with diligence comes benefits of great makeup application. I think I used to stray from wearing too much because I like a more natural everyday look. Then again I didn’t know any better about skincare, which I’ve realized is an important base for a natural look. With how Korean skincare transformed my skin, I’m actually more curious than ever about makeup. Who knew it was all about a good base for natural application?

Currently with the change in weather, I’m not using as much products as when I first started. I still wash my face twice a day, and it’s not really so much of a wash, but more the use of micellar water to remove makeup or other impurities from my face. That or makeup remover wipes. I still use a toner and on rare occasions I skip that step when I’m feeling super lazy. It’s been many days of feeling this way, since coming back from vacation, so lately it’s been cleanse, toner, and Innisfree’s green tea moisture serum. At night, I’ll put on a moisturizer but that’s really been it. In the morning after applying the green tea moisture serum, I follow up with sunscreen. I guess I’m lucky with Bay Area weather not being so desert dry. With that being said, TGIF folks! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! It’s finally starting to warm up over here, and finally starting to feel like spring!

Joining a Gym Again

Photo credit: By Pexels

It’s still surreal to me that I’m debt free.  It’s only been a solid 3 months and I feel like I’m just beginning to focus on self care.  I held off on buying things for myself because I didn’t feel ‘good enough’ probably because of debt.  Weird.  I know.  Usually people don’t care and just buy things anyway.  But after reading so many blogs on finance, I just couldn’t bring myself to buying extras like skincare or makeup.

Anyway, skincare opened up Pandora’s box for me.  It became a healing ritual.  A time to relax and a time to just pamper myself.  Well I’ve been getting used to all the pampering lately.  In fact, I’m loving it!  It got me into wearing more lipstick and putting on more eye makeup.  Obviously when I’m feeling a little extra I’ll do these things, but really, skincare got me to focus on myself at a time when others are just vying for my attention (you know just modern life whizzing on by).

I also realize I need to focus on my overall health and fitness.  Studies show how important exercise is for longevity and more importantly overall well-being.  I’ve been trying to find ways of working out from home for the past few years, and nothing beats the gym for me.  I just need to drive to a place, hop on a machine, and workout.  I don’t want to think about logistics anymore.  It’s just one less thing to think about when life is already chaotic as it is.

Hopefully this year will be the start to a healthier lifestyle and to a healthier mindset. Happy weekend folks!  I’ll just be over here studying and will probably have better blogs posts in two weeks after my test.  Cheers!

Clinique Haul

Okay so maybe it was a little premature of me to say my last beauty haul for March 2018 was last week.  I guess you can say it would be my last skincare haul for the month.

Spring has sprung and to jump start warmer days, I wanted to pick up a new lip color, foundation, and eyeliner all from Clinique.  With my purchase came a free mascara, lipstick, and sample perfumes thanks to purchasing from Macy’s.  Looking forward to warmer weather and sunnier days!

Mini Haul and March Savings

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing CreamTSUBAKI Shiseido Hair MistMISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Hair Treatment

My second Korean moisturizer that I ordered last month finally arrived the other day.  I also ordered some hair serum last week and that also just arrived.  I guess I’ve been into hair products recently.  Hopefully I find a hair routine suitable for dry and frizzy hair.

On a different note, my savings for March is going to be $400.  Didn’t get to save all that much because of taxes and other life surprises.