Husband’s Skincare Products

So my husband got into skincare as well.  For him, he’s going the more organic route by using natural products like manuka honey as a mask and jojoba oil mixed in to moisturizer.  Because his skin type is different from mine, he is using the AHA/BHA for toner followed by the snail mucin essence and moisturizer.

We both share the AHA/BHA toner and snail mucin essence.  When I have a breakout, I’ll spot treat using AHA/BHA especially when it’s a deep pimple.  Lately, I’ve been skipping the snail mucin essence in the morning for lack of time.  Although when I’m feeling extra dry or skin looking really dull, I’ll add it back to the routine.

So as you can see in the picture above and from previous posts, we still have a lot of skincare to use up before we can start trying other products.  Currently we have 3 moisturizers, an eye cream, 3 toners, a moisture serum, and snail mucin essence all not close to the halfway mark.  I still feel like these products will last us another month or so.  By then it’ll be warmer days, and who knows what that’ll do to our skin.


How I Plan and Budget for Trips

I pretty much research the heck out of the destinations I want to visit.  Pinterest is a very helpful tool for this, and just recently I discovered vlogs on Youtube.  It’s also another great resource for planning but with vlogs they don’t really show the full extent of the travel experience.  There’s still things to think about like how to get to the airport, when to leave, and best practices for going through airport security.

But before thinking about anything else I first establish a budget.  I’m a planner so I don’t really do last minute trips.  In actuality my obligations and my husband’s obligations won’t let us do anything on a whim.  Instead we have to plan and then we also save for things like our plane tickets, car rental, and hotel stay.  Other things to think about would be a daily food budget.  It’s quite easy to get carried away while on vacation so setting limits help curb overspending.  It doesn’t help that we love trying new foods and new food trends.  For this I use Yelp to research which restaurants have the most reviews and then decide to add it to our list of ‘must try’ or not.

How we pack: We only do carry-ons if we fly.  It’s easier and feels more secure knowing that our bags are with us at all times.  If we do a road trip, then it’s a whole different story.  We pretty much pack whatever we want.

How we get to the airport: We drive and then pay for overnight parking because it pretty much costs the same as taking a taxi to the airport and back.

What I wear to the airport:  I’ve read that for ladies, avoid lots of bobby pins in your hair, wearing lots of jewelry, and a maxi skirt.  With that said, I pretty much show up to the airport showered, with no makeup on, in comfy sneakers, leggings, a long shirt, and a jacket for the cold plane.  Also, I make sure to buy water before boarding the plane because cabin pressure is no joke.  I’ve gotten a migraine from it and realized it was because of dehydration.

Vacation activities:  I’ll do some research and try to see if there’s anything on Goldstar or similar sites offering discounted activities.  For Chicago, we bought the Chicago City Pass and it pretty much saved us some time not having to stand in long lines.  We also did this when we went to Paris and got the Paris Museum Pass.  We bypassed lines, got into attractions quite easily, and also saved some money.

Sites used to research vacation destination: Pinterest, Youtube, Yelp, and Google search.