New M.A.C. Eyeshadow – Amber Times Nine

Got my Amber Times Nine M.A.C. palette from Nordstrom with 15% off and free shipping along with free samples.

My new eyeshadow palette from MAC just came in.  I wasn’t expecting the palette to be so small considering the price I paid for it in relation to the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.  I also wasn’t expecting the colors to be so beige.  This palette is called ‘Amber Times Nine’ and is a neutral palette with no hint of pink or orange to it except for one color.  The top three colors are in the beige range.  The top left color would be more of a matte olive neutral, the top middle would be a neutral shimmer, and the top right a good matte beige primer.  The middle row has two beautiful golden yellow colors, one as a shimmer and the other a matte shade. Then there’s the bottom row with two gorgeous shimmery colors in a metallic dusty rose gold shade and the other a metallic dark brown with a hint of green in it.  With that said, there’s definitely room in this palette to create everyday looks for the summer, for fall, and for other special occasions like date night or weddings.  Also this little guy is the size of a compact so it’s perfect for traveling.

Would I recommend paying full retail price for this palette or even with a 15% off discount?  Hmmm…maybe not.  This palette is very neutral and beige so I would recommend trying the ‘Solar Glow’ instead with more pinks and purples.  My thought is if I want neutral colors, I’ll buy the e.l.f. ‘Need It Nude’ palette for only $10.  Anyways, I still like the palette.  The colors are beautiful, but the price expensive.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Thank you for stopping by and reading my posts!



Saving Money with A Drying Rack

Bamboo Wooden Drying Rack

It’s that time of year when you can hang dry your clothes instead of subjecting them to the dryer. I’ll put socks, underwear, undershirts, and towels in the dryer, but for the most part I hang dry our clothes all year long, even during the winter. You save money this way either with the electricity bill or some coins if you do coin laundry like us. We have been using the Bamboo Wooden Drying Rack pictured above that we got from Amazon a few years ago and it’s still in great condition. It’s great for small spaces, especially if you live in an apartment because it’s compact, easily fold-able, and can be stored away.

In addition, clothes last longer when air dried. There’s no worry of shrinkage, fading, or ruined sweaters (jumpers). For those who have delicate underwear or even wire bras, this rack is perfect for hang drying instead of using the shower rod.

For us, hang drying our clothes saves $1.25 a week (cost of drying a load in our apartment complex) equating to $65 of savings a year. It’s not much, but it’s already paid for itself and hang drying will help clothes last a lot longer, which is where the savings really come in.

For those in Asian countries, I know this is not a new tip, but for us living in the West it’s something to consider for several reasons –it’s environmentally friendly, clothes last longer, and money savings.

Anyone else use a drying rack?

e.l.f. – A Budget Friendly Brand

I know I’ve been raving about the Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam eyeshadow palette in my previous posts, but I want to share a new eyeshadow palette from e.l.f. called Mad for Matte 2, which is a third of the price.  This is by no means a comparison of like colors, but rather a suggested alternative for everyday summer shades.  I think it’s a great starter palette and budget friendly with enough shades to create many looks from natural to ‘bam in your face’.  You can pick this up at Target for $10 so definitely no buyer’s remorse if you end up not liking it.  It’s not as easily blendable like the ABH palette, but hey, it’s a fraction of the price.

As for the e.l.f. contour palette, I like it.  It wears matte so it’s great for an everyday look.  To be honest, I’ve been giving my face a rest this week and I’ve pretty much been wearing powder and blush.  I still have yet to incorporate this into my everyday routine if I could just wake up early enough.  Anyone else like the brand e.l.f.?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

15% Off Select Beauty Items from Nordstrom

If the Macy’s beauty sale hasn’t enticed you, Nordstrom is also offering 15% off their palettes like ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) or Naked to price match Macy’s.  If you haven’t seen my April favorites, I highly recommend snatching up the ABH Soft Glam palette.  The palette colors are so beautiful, highly pigmented, and easily blend-able.  For a newbie like me, this palette makes blending easy.  I feel like I can’t mess up because it’s easy to recover just by going over the area in question with a new color.

With 15% off, the palette is $35.70.  There’s 14 shades so if you do the math, each color comes out to $2.55.  In my honest opinion, I love this palette for its versatility.  You can definitely create everyday spring and summer looks with the matte colors, and then tack on shimmer when it comes to date night or another special event like a wedding for a glam look.  This palette is a multi-tasker, which can easily transition to fall looks if you use some of the darker shades like mulberry.

Missha Primer – First Impressions

I still don’t know how I feel about this primer. I got it mainly for summer time use when it’ll be hot and I know I’ll be sweaty. I figure my makeup will last longer with a primer, but since someone asked about this product earlier than I anticipated to test it out, here goes my initial thoughts.

With this primer there’s a bit of a pink shimmer to it, so it sort of provides a subtle glow. Very good for the glass skin look, and you can probably skip the highlighter step with this primer.

For those with a lighter skin shade, this will work well and blend really well with your makeup. However, for those on the darker side or with more yellowish skin, it may lighten you up a bit as it did for me. I’m a bit darker than the under part of my arm, which I have pictured above, so the primer lightens my face even with my foundation mixed with it, and my husband notices the difference.

I definitely feel like this primer is good for full coverage application. It’ll definitely look good on camera or at night for night time events.

I don’t know if I would recommend this primer for daytime use unless you like full coverage on a daily basis. As for me, I tend to favor a more natural effortless look then a refined put together face.

P.S. This primer has a scent to it so for those avoiding scents or sensitive to smell, I would suggest to pass on this product.

A Lotion for Stress?

I have been into stress relieving products lately. Finding this scented lotion is one of them.

It’s been awhile (okay years) since I popped into a Bath and Body Works and I’m amazed how different the products and packaging look. I can’t believe they have a whole line of lotion infused with essential oils. Apparently it’s supposed to be stress relieving, but we’ll see.

When I walked in, I was a little overwhelmed with all the products displayed. I went around smelling the lotions and landed on this one since the scent isn’t as strong as the rest. I still love my Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, but it’s nice to test out products here and there.

The lotion cost $15.50. I’m pretty sure they have deals to get it for less. I just happened to walk in at a bad time.

A Perfume Review and Travel Hack

Getting free perfume samples is always great (got mine from Macy’s). Not only are they travel friendly, but you can actually test them for more than one use. I’d say I used this at least 3 times on this trip and I’m just at the halfway point of completion. I actually am really liking this scent by Paco Rabanne. It’s called Olympia and it smells great. It’s not too strong and a very manageable smell that doesn’t induce any headaches or anything (I’m pretty sensitive to smell).

I haven’t really given myself the opportunity to like perfumes, but this one is fantastic. I take that back. Actually my mother in law has already given me 2 perfumes, but they are just too strong and heavy to wear. One of them is by Chanel and the other by Oscar De La Renta. Sadly though they just aren’t my jam. This perfume however, Olympia by Paco Rabanne, has a light smell perfect for spring and summer time use. Don’t be surprised if I actually purchase this in the near future.

So again, not only is this a great way to use up free samples, it’s a great way to test them out. Basically, a frugal and travel hack all rolled into one.