My Progress with Korean Skincare

I still love it. I’m addicted and I just want to try everything! Ok, maybe not everything, but at least enough to know what my favorite brands are and to be able to explain why.

I get a few breakouts here and there, but regardless of my breakouts along my chin, the rest of my skin looks great. I just want to prevent early signs of aging and I’m loving my makeup application. I think I used to stray from wearing too much makeup because I enjoy a more natural everyday look, but then again I didn’t know any better about skincare. With how Korean skincare transformed my skin, I’m actually more curious than ever about makeup. Who knew that a good base is key to a natural look?

Currently with the change in weather, I’m not using as much products as when I first started. I still wash my face twice a day. It’s not really so much of a wash, but more the use of micellar water to remove makeup or other impurities from my face. That or makeup remover wipes. I still use a toner and on rare occasions I skip that step when I’m feeling super lazy, which has currently been the last few weeks since coming back from vacation. But lately, it’s been cleanse, toner, and Innisfree’s green tea moisture serum. At night, I’ll put on a moisturizer but that’s really been it. In the morning after applying the green tea moisture serum, I follow up with sunscreen. I guess I’m lucky with Bay Area weather since it’s not desert dry over here. With that being said, TGIF folks! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! It’s finally starting to warm up over here, and finally starting to feel like spring!


Just Treat Yourself

We all need a way to decompress in life. Some people turn to the ‘night life’ to release all the pressure they get from work. Others may turn to alcohol and sadly maybe even to drugs. People just have different ways of dealing with life. However, when a person is religious it’s quite the opposite. I feel like anyone religious has quite a bit of restrictions to follow based on their beliefs. Thus, they find creative ways to have fun in life.

For instance:

  1. Travel – Take a trip. This harms no one. In fact, it’ll only expand a person’s viewpoint because it takes someone out of their bubble and introduce them to a new cultural experience.
  2. Have a hobby – Some people road bike, golf, or maybe even surf. For the ladies, maybe it’s shopping. More specifically maybe it’s luxury handbag collecting. Nothing wrong with this as long as it’s not on credit.
  3. Date night – Having date night with your significant other or maybe even with friends is a great way to heal from a hard and long work week.
  4. Spa Treatment – Doesn’t have to be a spa day, but taking care of your body is another way to feel rejuvenated. You know sheetmasks, skin routine, hair care, etc.

It’s possible to live a healthy and happy life religious or not!

Chit Chat: Already Thinking of the Next Trip

Can a girl dream?  It’s been great taking a week off from regular life that I’m already scheming for another trip.  I get jealous just thinking about the French who have 2 months of vacation a year.  I wish I could get the same perks, but again, a girl can dream right?

Just dropping in to say hello and to say that I’m still here.  Still getting back into the swing of things, and trying to get back into work mode.

It’s the end of hump day, which means we’re already near the end of the week! Looking forward to TGIF!

Husband’s Skincare Products

So my husband got into skincare as well.  For him, he’s going the more organic route by using natural products like manuka honey as a mask and jojoba oil mixed in to moisturizer.  Because his skin type is different from mine, he is using the AHA/BHA for toner followed by the snail mucin essence and moisturizer.

We both share the AHA/BHA toner and snail mucin essence.  When I have a breakout, I’ll spot treat using AHA/BHA especially when it’s a deep pimple.  Lately, I’ve been skipping the snail mucin essence in the morning for lack of time.  Although when I’m feeling extra dry or skin looking really dull, I’ll add it back to the routine.

So as you can see in the picture above and from previous posts, we still have a lot of skincare to use up before we can start trying other products.  Currently we have 3 moisturizers, an eye cream, 3 toners, a moisture serum, and snail mucin essence all not close to the halfway mark.  I still feel like these products will last us another month or so.  By then it’ll be warmer days, and who knows what that’ll do to our skin.

A Hair Product Review and Ranking

As I’ve previously mentioned, my hair in its natural state is dry and frizzy, although it  wasn’t like this until I had it permed 10 years ago.  Eventually all the perm was cut off.  I was washing my hair on the daily with drugstore brand products like Pantene and Garnier Fructis because I didn’t know any better, and then at some point my hair turned into a frizz ball.  I started using Wen products for about a year or so, and it did wonders for my hair.  However, it was an expensive subscription to keep at a time when I was focused on paying off debt so I did what anyone in debt would do and cut it out of my life.

I was back to using drug store brand shampoos again, but this time I skipped shampooing every other day and also started using baby powder as dry shampoo to help calm my frizz.  Well after reading that baby powder and dry shampoo increases hair loss, I immediately stopped using those products.  I do admit that at the front of my head, where I sprinkled baby powder the most is where I have some baldness.  The damage is done and it’s something I can’t undo, but c’est la vie.  So currently instead of reverting to dry shampoo I just pull my hair back and up into a bun on the second day.  My hair has acclimated to shampoo every other day, but it still looks like a grease ball.  Which leads me on this journey to finding the ultimate hair routine to not only preserve my thinning hair, but to also calm the frizz and keep the oils at bay.

Right now I’m currently loving Nature Republic’s Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence.  Not only does it smell great, it works so well.  I have medium to long hair and all I need is one pump, which I apply on damp hair and then blow dry out.  OMG. It makes my hair feel soft and healthy.  I can run my fingers through quite easily without hitting snags, and best of all, it helps with second day hair so it’s not so oily.  For me I would say this works better than the TSUBAKI Shiseido Hair Mist that I was previously raving about.  I still like the product, but I haven’t been reaching for it since I started using Nature Republic’s Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence.

Then there’s the hair oil by Mis En Scene.  I’m not really liking it at the moment because it gets my hair quite oily even on the first day of shampooing.  I’ll have to play around with it a little bit more because maybe my hair doesn’t need as much as I previously applied. But at the moment my hair has taken a liking to Nature Republic’s Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence probably because I also use Nature Republic’s Natural OLIVE Hydro Shampoo & Conditioner .

Mini Haul and March Savings

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing CreamTSUBAKI Shiseido Hair MistMISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Hair Treatment

My second Korean moisturizer that I ordered last month finally arrived the other day.  I also ordered some hair serum last week and that also just arrived.  I guess I’ve been into hair products recently.  Hopefully I find a hair routine suitable for dry and frizzy hair.

On a different note, my savings for March is going to be $400.  Didn’t get to save all that much because of taxes and other life surprises.