Ways I Style My Outfit – Simple

I used to think small space living was hard because growing up I had my own room with a closet all to my own.  Now that I’m married, I have to share my space, the closet, the dresser, and basically pack clothes away come fall or spring to be able to save space.  I’ve come to realize though that instead of bulking up my closet with tons of clothes, there’s opportunity to play around with accessories and makeup.  I was never one to have much accessories or makeup growing up so it’s only now I’ve realized how much accessories can spruce up a bland outfit.  It’s also really important to know how much is too much.  Definitely don’t want to go overboard and look gaudy, but hey that’s just me.

So how do I like to style myself?

For work, I like to keep it simple and comfortable.  I’m in the office for a good 10 hours of the day and mostly sitting.  It’s killer, I know so I like to keep myself comfortable and low key.  On days when I meet clients, I dress up a little bit more.  I’ll put on a collared shirt, a nice blouse, or blazer, and will most likely have my hair tied back.  I’ll also wear makeup to look presentable.   However, I don’t like to overdue my makeup or jewelry, and will keep it simple because it could be a distraction during the meeting, and as a woman, I’d like to be taken seriously.

For anything non-work related, this is where the fun begins.  It’s no wonder some like to wear all black or just even basic colors because then you can spruce up an outfit the following ways:

  1. Jewelry – I like to keep it simple and not wear a whole bunch.  At most I’ll wear two types – earrings and a bracelet, or earrings and a necklace.  If I’m going to a wedding then maybe if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll wear all three.
  2. Handbag – Ahhh the handbag.  This to me is the ultimate accessory.  A nice crossbody bag will elevate a jeans and tee-shirt outfit instantly.
  3. Shoes – Shoes do the same thing as the handbag.  Keep the outfit simple and make the outfit pop with shoes be it in color or style.
  4. Makeup – I’m loving the different eyeshadow shades out there.  For anyone on a budget, eyeshadow palettes and lipstick are probably the best investment for accessorizing.  Having multiple shades is a fun way to change your look instantly.
  5. Nail polish is another budget friendly accessory that adds character to any outfit. I’m currently liking the look of a few fingers painted a different color, but more specifically adding a glittery color for some pizzaz.

Would anyone like to share their favorite accessories?


The Ugly of Makeup – Its Expiration

Free photo by Pexels

I have been guilty of using makeup way past its expiration date.  I’ve used the same blush for 7 years and it was only last week that I decided to throw it out.  I haven’t been using it since I got a new blush from the Face Shop.  There was no point in holding onto something way past its shelf life.  Other items in my makeup drawer also made its way to the trash like old makeup brushes, old eye shadow palettes, and foundation.  It was hard de-cluttering because despite being debt free, my frugal habits are still in me.  Any frugal person will tell you the struggles of seeing unused expired items go in the trash.  But that’s just me.

And then I’m also kind of a germ-a-phobe.  Learning how makeup can grow bacteria freaks me out.  I mean who wants to be putting something on their face that can cause dermatitis or any type of skin irritation?  Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder I broke out quite a bit a few years ago.  Obviously, there were many factors, but one contributor was old makeup.  For those reading this, if there’s any take away to this post, it’s to replace your makeup for health purposes and to not hoard so much so you don’t waste money.  I’m still trying to figure out my sweet spot.  I’m still dabbling in which brands I like, which I will be re-purchasing in the future, and what items I’m okay buying from the drugstore.

I know for sure that I will be sticking with Clinique for lipstick, foundation, and sheer powder.  I think I’m okay with blushes, eyeshadows, and contour palettes from the drugstore.  I’ve also come to realize that mascara and eyeliner don’t work for me. I have a bad tendency to rub my eyes at the end of the day, and I easily get stys from lining my waterline.  So for the time being, I’m comfortable nixing these two items from my makeup routine until I figure out what brands work for me.

I’m curious about what works for any of you.  Feel free to leave a comment below!


New Pixi Eyeshadow – From Target

These colors are so light and subtle that I love them. The colors are sheer with a hint of shimmer making the palette perfect for spring and summer.

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for an eyeshadow palette with subtle colors that can be worn on a daily basis without looking too distracting to my co-workers and colleagues, yet still feel a little done up. This little palette delivers that for me and it only cost $12 from Target. There are other palettes to choose from with darker shades and tones. Also, another one that carries more shades, but costing $24. I wasn’t ready to invest in the larger palette just yet, and decided to pick the little one up instead. I know I was going to try and stick with the palettes I already own, but for $12 I couldn’t resist.  Although I am happy to report that I’ll be able to replenish the $500 previously pulled from savings with this upcoming paycheck. So at least all has not been lost and spending has been kept at bay.

Anyone else prefer going subtle?

What I’ve Learned From Makeup

Makeup is sure addicting. All the glitz and glamour that I feel from wearing it makes me feel great, and it sure helped boost the little self-esteem I barely had. However, I’m learning there’s a balance to have so we don’t over or under indulge ourselves. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve over indulged and now all the purchases that I’ve made don’t make me feel good anymore. Does that happen to anyone else?

But this is a good feeling to have because at least I can change my situation quite easily. I guess I’m not happy that I have to dip into savings to pay off my credit card bill this month, and it looks like I’ll be taking $500 instead of the $300 I initially thought. It’s not sitting well with me, which brings me to what I’ve learned from it all:

  1. Find your style and forget the trends. If you don’t, you’ll be buying a lot of ‘stuff’ and possibly tossing a lot away. Buy what makes you feel happy and what makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself.  Forget trends until after you build up a good base.
  2. Buy basics and/or multi-taskers. Skincare. Hair care. Makeup. Clothing. With clothing and makeup, these items should multi-task and transition through multiple seasons. Don’t buy an expensive event dress, only to be used for one or two times out of the year and end up collecting dust in your closet.
  3. Create an everyday uniform for work. This includes clothing and makeup.  Clothing and makeup for work should help you feel comfortable and confident so your main focus is work.
  4. Makeup has a shelf life. I seriously just learned this today, what being a newbie and all. If you look closely at your makeup labels, it’ll show an image like the one below, but I’m sure many of you already know this. Don’t hoard makeup since it expires. Buy what you need to save yourself some money.               Image result for makeup shelf life
  5. Skincare also has a shelf life so buy what you need and don’t hoard.
  6. Luxury handbags are overrated.  At least where I live. It was thrilling when I bought my first one, however, I’m pretty rough with my bags.  So when I wear my designer bag, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells out of fear of spilling liquids on it.  You know spending over a grand for a bag hurts. Not sure I want self-inflicted stress in my life.
  7. As women we have to draw the line with our spending so we could also be investors. I’m currently realizing this, and I’m taking a stand for change so I can get back to saving and investing.
  8. Budget. I think I’m going to create a monthly budget for beauty products, clothing, and accessories.

Sephora LOVE – Just an Insider 10% off

Y’all I’m officially a Sephora fan. I’ve been playing around with my Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow palette all weekend and I just love the pigmentation.  Who knew eye shadow could be so blend-able, but more importantly, NATURAL looking.  I just LOVE the palette and I LOVE the lies it covers up, which brings me to these items I recently purchased out of sheer joy for age defying makeup.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m desperately getting into makeup after watching, on Youtube, how incredibly transforming makeup can be for people.  Since I’m late in the game, I’ve been watching quite a bit of GRWM videos and noticed that I’m missing out on some concealer.  If there’s anything that’ll give age away, it’s having dark circles under the eyes.  And I have them.  Foundation wasn’t doing the trick so I figure what with 10% off at Sephora, I thought it was perfect to take the plunge and buy some concealer.  Of course it’s Clinique because I already know my shade with them, and I’ve officially decided that they have my business for life.  Earlier this year I tried Burt’s Bees foundation, and no where is it as flawless as Clinique.

I’ve also been missing out on highlighters and contouring so I couldn’t resist my curiosity with the Two Faced Natural Face palette featured above.  I wanted more options than what I currently own so I bought in on the juju and am now owner to such a beautiful face palette!

The packaging for the Two Faced Natural Face palette is luxurious.  There’s substantial weight to it when holding it up, and it makes me feel like I’ve made it.  Like I’ve joined some elite club of makeup users or something because it just gives me the feels!  Apparently I’ve been used to drugstore packaging all my life because this palette made me feel luxurious.

Anyway, happy Monday y’all!  It was a very long day for me at work, but I was sure happy to see my Sephora box on my front door.  And this is not the last of it because I have one more box coming in, either tomorrow or Wednesday, so another future Sephora post to follow!

My Progress with Korean Skincare

I still love Korean skincare. I’m addicted and I just want to try everything. Ok, maybe not everything, but at least enough to know what my favorite brands are and be able to explain why. Currently, I get a few breakouts here and there, but regardless of my breakouts along my chin, the rest of my skin looks great.

My goal is to prevent early signs of aging and with diligence comes benefits of great makeup application. I think I used to stray from wearing too much because I like a more natural everyday look. Then again I didn’t know any better about skincare, which I’ve realized is an important base for a natural look. With how Korean skincare transformed my skin, I’m actually more curious than ever about makeup. Who knew it was all about a good base for natural application?

Currently with the change in weather, I’m not using as much products as when I first started. I still wash my face twice a day, and it’s not really so much of a wash, but more the use of micellar water to remove makeup or other impurities from my face. That or makeup remover wipes. I still use a toner and on rare occasions I skip that step when I’m feeling super lazy. It’s been many days of feeling this way, since coming back from vacation, so lately it’s been cleanse, toner, and Innisfree’s green tea moisture serum. At night, I’ll put on a moisturizer but that’s really been it. In the morning after applying the green tea moisture serum, I follow up with sunscreen. I guess I’m lucky with Bay Area weather not being so desert dry. With that being said, TGIF folks! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! It’s finally starting to warm up over here, and finally starting to feel like spring!

Just Treat Yourself

We all need a way to decompress in life. Some people turn to the ‘night life’ to release all the pressure they get from work. Others may turn to alcohol and sadly maybe even to drugs. People just have different ways of dealing with life. However, when a person is religious it’s quite the opposite. I feel like anyone religious has quite a bit of restrictions to follow based on their beliefs. Thus, they find creative ways to have fun in life.

For instance:

  1. Travel – Take a trip. This harms no one. In fact, it’ll only expand a person’s viewpoint because it takes someone out of their bubble and introduce them to a new cultural experience.
  2. Have a hobby – Some people road bike, golf, or maybe even surf. For the ladies, maybe it’s shopping. More specifically maybe it’s luxury handbag collecting. Nothing wrong with this as long as it’s not on credit.
  3. Date night – Having date night with your significant other or maybe even with friends is a great way to heal from a hard and long work week.
  4. Spa Treatment – Doesn’t have to be a spa day, but taking care of your body is another way to feel rejuvenated. You know sheetmasks, skin routine, hair care, etc.

It’s possible to live a healthy and happy life religious or not!