Sale sale sale sale sale!

The long holiday is coming up, and with no plans in the horizon, it’s been hard not looking at all the sales coming into my inbox.  I’m definitely more of an online shopper, and boy does google know this.  It seems like all of the stores are currently on sale, and the tempting ones I follow are:

  1. Tory burch – 40% off sale
  2. Coach – currently offering a good handbag sale
  3. Mulberry – their summer sale just started and oh boy is it tempting to get the Bayswater backpack.
  4. kate spade – extra 30% off their sale items w/ promo code greatfind.  I think this sale ends on the 29th.
  5. Nordstrom – they’re already starting their summer sales with up to 40% off including select designer handbags.
  6. Sephora – they have a Memorial day sale with up to 60% off.  It’s tempting to pick up the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette because right now it’s on sale for $25 and it retails for $40.  Definitely a good sale to look at if you’re interested in makeup.
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue – they have up to 40% off select designer handbags.  I’ve been looking and nothing really jumps out at me, but then again I don’t really have a big designer bag collection.
  8. Rebecca Minkoff
  9. And then let’s not forget to mention all the Chloe bags currently on sale at Net-a-porter, Mytheresa, and the actual Chloe website.  For anyone looking to get a designer handbag, Chloe bags are currently on sale.  They’re going pretty quick because I was eyeing the black Faye backpack and that color looks to be gone.




30% Off at kate spade!

For those who love shopping sales, kate spade is currently offering an extra 30% off sale items.  Just use promo code greatfind at checkout.  Below are pictures of some great finds you’ll find in the sale.  Hope you enjoy like I did!

jackson street hayley by kate spade new york

bloom street sam by kate spade new york

jackson street keleigh by kate spade new york

carlyle street alexa by kate spade new york

brighton park pebble travel leslie by kate spade new york

Note: all pictures are from kate spade’s website.

Weekend News – A Royal Wedding & BTS!

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Picture by NPR

Wow what a weekend for BTS and the royals!  But first let’s talk about Meghan Markle for a bit.  She’s seriously Cinderella!  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here that watched the wedding, but for those who missed it, it’s all over Youtube.  Let me just say Meghan Markle was gorgeous despite a simple wedding look.  I was of the era of “Say Yes to the Dress” so I was quite opposite her style.  Does anyone remember that show?  Anyway, my wedding dress was a strapless lace dress with sparkle here and there, which is far from the simplicity of wedding gowns these days, and I think it’s fantastic.  But let’s move on.  The chapel was gorgeous, the southern black choir phenomenal, and the carriage ride through the castle was such a fairytale to watch!  For those who missed it, please go watch the reruns on Youtube.  It’s Disney in real life!

Not let’s talk about BTS.  Anyone else into Kpop?  My favorite group is actually Bigbang, but BTS performed really well at the Billboard Music Awards this past weekend.  I just saw a playback of their performance and the crowd went wild for these guys!  They’re actually doing a world tour this year and a few of their stops will be here in California with one being at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.  I checked ticket prices, and the lowest prices at the Oracle are around $400-$500 a ticket.  Ouch.  But wow, they are getting popular here in America.  If their tickets were much much cheaper and not sold out, I’d probably drag my husband to see them.  Anyone else going to see them this year?

Image result for bts billboard 2018
Picture by U.S. Magazine

Venting – Reliability and Trust

group hand fist bump
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Disclaimer: this post is by no means about beauty, skincare, fashion, or makeup.  It’s just me venting about life.

I love having a routine.  I don’t operate on a strict schedule, but instead have in mind a task list (or to-do list) for myself.  There are things in a day that we all routinize, like getting ready, having a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, washing dishes, cooking, etc.  For me, when any part of my routine gets interrupted, it often causes a disturbance.  Sure every once in a while we need a change.  A little bit of adventure here and there doesn’t hurt like going on a nice vacation.  However, when car trouble or a lost wallet or cellphone occurs, the adventure suddenly stops.  These types of life hiccups are an annoyance that no one really likes, but does happen from time to time, which is why I’m so ecstatic to find eligibility for online or mail-in driver’s license renewal!  My license expires in two months and I was not looking forward to going to the DMV and wait for hours at a time only to deal with a jaded employee.  It’s one of those simple joys that makes me so happy because it doesn’t interrupt my daily routine.  More importantly, it doesn’t interrupt my working hours because to me, it’s so important to be a reliable co-worker.  No one wants to pick up the slack of another person who can’t hold their own, especially a person who’s never in the office for personal matters.  Yes we all have personal matters to attend to, but it’s important to show reliability as well.  Reliability equates to trust.  If you’re constantly gone, what makes you think your co-worker will trust you with work?  Just saying.


Ways I Style My Outfit – Simple

I used to think small space living was hard because growing up I had my own room with a closet all to my own.  Now that I’m married, I have to share my space, the closet, the dresser, and basically pack clothes away come fall or spring to be able to save space.  I’ve come to realize though that instead of bulking up my closet with tons of clothes, there’s opportunity to play around with accessories and makeup.  I was never one to have much accessories or makeup growing up so it’s only now I’ve realized how much accessories can spruce up a bland outfit.  It’s also really important to know how much is too much.  Definitely don’t want to go overboard and look gaudy, but hey that’s just me.

So how do I like to style myself?

For work, I like to keep it simple and comfortable.  I’m in the office for a good 10 hours of the day and mostly sitting.  It’s killer, I know so I like to keep myself comfortable and low key.  On days when I meet clients, I dress up a little bit more.  I’ll put on a collared shirt, a nice blouse, or blazer, and will most likely have my hair tied back.  I’ll also wear makeup to look presentable.   However, I don’t like to overdue my makeup or jewelry, and will keep it simple because it could be a distraction during the meeting, and as a woman, I’d like to be taken seriously.

For anything non-work related, this is where the fun begins.  It’s no wonder some like to wear all black or just even basic colors because then you can spruce up an outfit the following ways:

  1. Jewelry – I like to keep it simple and not wear a whole bunch.  At most I’ll wear two types – earrings and a bracelet, or earrings and a necklace.  If I’m going to a wedding then maybe if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll wear all three.
  2. Handbag – Ahhh the handbag.  This to me is the ultimate accessory.  A nice crossbody bag will elevate a jeans and tee-shirt outfit instantly.
  3. Shoes – Shoes do the same thing as the handbag.  Keep the outfit simple and make the outfit pop with shoes be it in color or style.
  4. Makeup – I’m loving the different eyeshadow shades out there.  For anyone on a budget, eyeshadow palettes and lipstick are probably the best investment for accessorizing.  Having multiple shades is a fun way to change your look instantly.
  5. Nail polish is another budget friendly accessory that adds character to any outfit. I’m currently liking the look of a few fingers painted a different color, but more specifically adding a glittery color for some pizzaz.

Would anyone like to share their favorite accessories?

Mulberry Sale

Not sure if it’s just me, but I got an email of Mulberry’s exclusive summer sale!  Last year I really wanted the Bayswater backpack, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $1,295 usd.  However, right now it’s currently on sale for $777 usd, and I’m so tempted right now to just impulsively buy this.


But I realize, I actually bought a similar style from Henri Bendel last year.  By no means is it a dupe for this precious.  For those who’ve been wanting a Mulberry bag, now’s your chance since they currently have a sale going on!