How I Got Into Youtube and Skincare

You know sadly, I only got into Youtube just last October.  It all started with watching wardrobe de-clutters, luxury bag reviews, organizing small closets, and then just people cleaning their homes.  Somehow I discovered vlogs and thought to watch ones for Tokyo and Seoul because they’re on my list of countries to visit in the near future, and that’s how I discovered JoanDay.  Lucky for me she gave herself a project to vlog everyday of 2017 until her birthday, and suddenly I was introduced to Korean beauty.  Initially it was sheet masks and then somehow I started watching Eunice from WishTrend TV and Liah Yoo explain the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine, which got me to try Korean skincare products.  Lucky for me these two explained the routine on a level the general masses can understand, and because of these Youtubers, I have such great skin these days!


Self Care With a Skincare Routine

We all have different obligations in life.  Our jobs, friends, family, religion, or even an organization we’re a part of require things from us.  Life can get hectic at times and we often overlook our own well-being.

Lucky for all of us we have Google.  Type in ‘self-care’ and I’m pretty sure Google will tell you the many ways to do this.  Eat healthy, go to the gym, socialize, etc.  For me I’ve realized that my discovery of the 10 step Korean skincare routine is a process in itself to self-care.  If you haven’t looked it up I suggest watching Youtube for it.  At first I was overwhelmed by the process and wasn’t at all interested in any of it other than sheet masks.  I picked some up at Target and instantly fell in love with the soothing and calming feeling it had on my face.  I was addicted and after several Youtube channels later, I bought some highly recommended products.

I’m not a heavy makeup wearer.  On the daily I just wear powder and blush so I don’t really feel the need to double cleanse.  For convenience I actually use makeup wipes by Simple.  They work great and it cleans my makeup right off.  I’ve also tried micellar water, which also does a good job in getting rid of makeup.

Then at least once a week at night I’ll use an exfoliator if I feel whiteheads building up on my nose.  If I don’t exfoliate with the Neogen pad, I go straight to my toner pad by Cosrx called one step moisture up pad.

After toner, I use a green tea serum by Innisfree and love the smell of it.

Then I follow up with a moisturizer.  I plan to use the Cosrx moisturizer at night and the Etude house collagen cream during the day.

And voila to perfectly clear skin that’s a good base for makeup application.  I’ve found that by doing this whole process, I haven’t broken out.  You’d think that this would be such a hassle, but it’s really not.  In fact, it actually makes me feel good and pampered thus giving me a boost of confidence. Even my husband notices the difference and is amazed by my results.

Good resources to check out:

  1. SoKo Glam – Shows the 10 step Korean skincare routine with suggestions to a variety of products for each step.
  2. Liah Yoo’s Youtube channel
  3. Wishtrend TV’s Youtube channel

How Awesome is Amazon Really?

I can’t remember what blog post I read, but someone has already mentioned how great Amazon is for international skincare.  Let’s face it, we are a globalized society thanks to the internet, tourism, and international business in general.  There is this cross-pollination of products which somehow Amazon makes easy to access.  The exception is probably European luxury retailers who feel that selling through Amazon would cheapen their brand.  Other than the likes of Louis Vuitton or Chanel, Amazon sells international products that we all have access to.  That’s how I was able to buy Korean skincare through them.  More importantly, products are often cheaper on Amazon compared to retail stores or other websites like Sephora.  I bought my Tsubaki hair mist at a Japanese grocery store for $16.99, but Amazon sells it for $9.74.  The great thing is we have options.

Things I Can Now Afford

In my early teens and twenties, I didn’t have too many issues with acne.  Often times others complemented me on such great complexion and because of this I didn’t feel the need to take care of my skin.  I pretty much didn’t do anything to my face except put on moisturizer with SPF.  I also had a bad habit of sleeping with makeup on, which I think has all caught up to me.  At times I would break out around my chin and cheeks area and couldn’t figure out why.  LOL.

Eventually I got into the habit of washing my face before bedtime.  And then last year I discovered makeup wipes.  Well, I started using them.  First a non generic brand and then I switched to the target brand.  Those wipes broke me out so much I will never purchase them again.

Recently I got into skincare and my first introduction to it was the sheet mask.  I was curious to try it because it’s such a popular thing to do in South Korea.  Suddenly, I got into watching a lot of Youtube on Korean skincare and realized I was doing nothing to preserve my skin’s elasticity.  I started looking at Sephora, Macy’s, and Nordstrom to see what skincare they offer, and let me just tell you, it is surely overwhelming if you don’t even know where to start.  More importantly, price points are outrageous!  I could not believe my eyes when I saw the $100 price tag for eye moisturizer.  I mean I care about my skin, but I also care about my budget.  With all said and done, I recently chose to purchase a lot of Korean skincare products and some western products based on affordability and quality reviews.  Let’s face it, budgets are just more important.

Burt’s Bee’s BB cream, Estee Lauder face palette, Estee Lauder free samples, Micellar cleansing water, Tsubaki hair mist, Rosewater face mist, and Derma-E sunscreen moisturizer (bottom right to left)


South Korean skincare proucts: Innisfree sheet mask (free sample), Neogen bio-peel exfoliator, Cosrx moisturizer lotion, Cosrx low PH morning cleanser, Cosrx moisture pads, Innisfree green tea serum